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    DX3 Pro sounds flat- any adjustments that can be made?

    Put the Topping in dac mode. Without the ability to adjust the volume. Use the volume of your smartphone.
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    How do we perceive “soundstage” and “imaging”?

    I would like to ask a sub question in this regard. Let's say we have a mono recording, for simplicity. Will it ever be possible for headphones in the future to make sure that the sound does not form inside the head but in the front with normal recordings? In nature there are very few sounds...
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    Review and Measurements of Topping DX3Pro DAC and Headphone Amp

    I've had a topping dx3 pro v2 for a few weeks now. Subjectively I note a qualitative difference if I use the volume of the Topping or if I put the Topping in dac mode and use the volume from the smartphone in hardware volume mode. Changing the volume from the smartphone the sound from my...
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    Aural ID from Genelec: Making headphones like stereo?

    I did understand. This is why I continue to prefer listening with speakers rather than headphones. Even at low volume the sound experience is more realistic than having the singer in the middle of the head. The best solution would always be to have the binaural version of the recording but...
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    Aural ID from Genelec: Making headphones like stereo?

    Isn't there a software that transforms stereo files into binaurals simulating a virtual head in whose ears signals arrive from right and left with different intensity?
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    Why doesn't there seem to be inexpensive and high-performance power amps? Amp with hypex modules at 285 euros
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    Blu-ray pure audio and coaxial output

    I realized that in my Panasonic and Sony blu-ray players the 96/24 audio tracks from original blu-ray audio discs (pure audio) are sent to the DAC at 48khz, via coaxial outup. In the instruction booklet it says that for copy protected blu-rays the audio is necessarily output at 48 khz regardless...
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    Focal JMLAB measurements

    Maybe I could use some clamps outside the cabinet? Just to try.
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    Focal JMLAB measurements

    Yes. The drivers are OK. Thanks to you all I understood now how to read a time related frequency decay and his importance.
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    Focal JMLAB measurements

    Thanks! What do you mean by internal treatment? Sorry but I have no experience in this regard. :-)
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    Focal JMLAB measurements

    Thanks. I did't know about the 17khz dip. The cabinet seems to me quite deaf if I beat on it.
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    Focal JMLAB measurements

    Thanks to this site, I wanted to know the measurements of my old JMLAB Profil 5 Focal loudspeakers. I have just received data from Focal. What do you think? They don't look bad to me. Apart from a strange collapse on the treble. Measurements were made without the port output (who knows why?) In...
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    Toole/Harman design speakers in Europe

    Thanks for the answers. To be "inspired by Toole's researches" that are often cited in this forum, I mean that they follow the indications of Floyd Toole and that they therefore look for neutrality in the speakers as much as possible. Sorry if I don't speak well technically. I ask you this so...
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