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    New Genelec 8341a speakers too revealing?? Any other recording studio mishaps that made it through to commercial release?

    When you switch to professional studio gear, this is what you get :) Genelecs are the best.
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    Anyone has got or had an experience with ultra near field listening?

    Not that close here. My Genelec 8331s are about 40cm close to my ears.
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    Moondrop Blessing 2 Review (IEM)

    So this versus the Fiio FD5?
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    Sennheiser 800 HD still the best neutral openback for $1000 used?

    I have had both HD800 models but even with EQ they could not match the Stax sound in my ears. Give them a try, for example L700 or L300 Limited models.
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    End Game Speakers

    Could it be that this is a purchase made with the heart, not with the brain? If he already dreams of a speaker X, then that it is?
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    PS Audio P12 Review Part 2: Power Testing

    YES! Somebody here who owns a 3D printer needs to make one
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    PS Audio PowerPlant 12 Review (AC Regenerator)

    PS Audio - a gift that keeps on giving :)
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    Genelec 8350 vs 1032

    8350 for sure. I have 8340 and also auditioned the 1032 in my living room. The bass difference was not that big at all and the 8340 overall sound was better and cleaner in my ears.
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    SOLD - Dan Clark Aeon RT closed headphones (EU/Finland)

    Two reasons: 1) I listen my 8331+7350 Genelec set most of the time when working, and 2) I got the Apple Airpods Max and found them actually superb to my taste, so decided to sell the others, i.e. these and a pair of Stax.
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    Why do records sound so much better than digital?

    Watching this augmented reality will make vinyl sound even better
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    ASR makes me go back to other expensive hobbies ...

    Same here… now gravitating back to watches a bit and there is of course bicycles and especially emtbs! :cool:
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