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    Is Akg k702 really a power hungry headphone ??

    K702 is not power hungry. It is less sensitive than the KSC75. When your mobo cannot driver the KSC75 loud enough for you it also cannot drive the K702 loud enough. When the KSC75 can go very loud without sounding nasty you can use the K702. There really is nothing more to it.
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    ASR Headphone Testing and BK 5128 Hats Measurement System

    A fancy mic in a block won't be adhering to specific standards. The expensive HATS will. Accuracy above 5kHz for all headphones is more questionable on HATS than block of wood. Accuracy between 1kHz and 5kHz will be more accurate on the HATS. Accurace below 1kHz can be the same when calibrated...
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    ASR Headphone Testing and BK 5128 Hats Measurement System

    Exactly. for mics this is kind of easy to do. For HATS there are standards to which this should be done. Unfortunately these methods are not the same as when headphones are tested. On top of this not all headphones are the same so larger drivers will differ from smaller ones even when they...
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    ASR Headphone Testing and BK 5128 Hats Measurement System

    Only the compensation curve (this is not the Harman curve) for their new test rig would have to be changed. Chances are headphones will have different plots even though they compensate to the same 'average correction'. That's the whole issue of 'standards'. That is above 1kHz results will not be...
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    ASR Headphone Testing and BK 5128 Hats Measurement System

    More tests on the already way too full plate ? Consider that someone like Oratory1990 already tests acc. to a standard and publishes results. There will certainly be measurable differences with the HATS oratory uses. Even the one that Tyll used simply because the correction was very wrong...
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    The frailty of Sighted Listening Tests

    The problem is that people who claim to hear differences that do not seem to be very likely probably won't volunteer. Not talking about transducers but amps, pre-amps, DAC's etc. There are multiple ways to test. Power amps, of course, are load dependent and could in certain circumstances differ...
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    The frailty of Sighted Listening Tests

    In case of transducers and acoustics why would this not be the case ? One would need a lot more different measurements and have a lot of practical experience linking measurements to what's heard to be able to state... measurements are enough. For electronics, however, it is a whole different...
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    Do calibration files for measuring Mic's matter?

    When a sensor or measurement device is used professionally and needs to be accurate in an absolute sense it is customary to check calibration. Time intervals can be determined by the manufacturer or by the user/company of the product. At work all (essential) measuring equipment and tools that...
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    Radio interference only trough cable (budget studio monitors)

    Because the capacitance to ground changes and thus radio 'reception' is tuned differently as the cable acts as a 'tuned' antenna. Also handling it changes capacitance. HF groundloops do not need to travel via mains (hum and some other nasties often do) but can also be directly to ground as it...
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    The frailty of Sighted Listening Tests

    O.K. now it is clear what you were looking for. It really wasn't before to me, it seemed open and vague. Suppose ASR only posted plots and perhaps some comments on the plots (talking 'bout the speakers). I can tell you with absolute certainty that while I understand how the plots are taken and...
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    Ideas for Building a New Flat Plate Measurement Rig

    I built my rig as described here. This is based on a WM61A electret capsule. Alas no longer available. There are Chinese 'copies' claiming they are genuine but they are not. Of course there are plenty of other mic capsules that are cheap and can be used. The downside is that they become...
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    Akg k702 + cheap amp or easier to drive headphones [Noob]

    The K702 performs best from an amplifier and is 103dB/V because a phone etc. can not make it reach impressive levels. This has nothing to do with sound quality though. The HD599 is just a tiny bit more efficient and 106dB/V, strangely enough RAA measured it higher. The KSC75 you have is 113dB/V...
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    How do people feel about intentionally colored Amps targeted to specific headphones (iFi Zen CAN6xx)?

    All I can say at the moment is that a lot of thought and experiments/measurements has gone into the design of the 6XXCAN amp. I am curious to read reviews other than the one at SBAF.
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    space behind spider: sealed vs open

    Ah.. I am too focused on headphone drivers I guess. I figure that would depend on spider materials used, whether or not it plays a specific part in damping, expected swing it must allow and thoughts/experiences with the construction of the one designing the driver I reckon.
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