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    audioXpress article topic suggestions

    You know, AX does have a measurement guy who can help validate model predictions. Ahem. Cough, cough.
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    Audioquest GO-4 Speaker Cable Review

    Ask your alma mater for a refund. They owe it to you.
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    WiiM Pro Streamer

    I have one sitting on my lab bench. Measurements will be appearing soon in AudioXpress along with a deeper review by my esteemed colleague Oliver Masciarotte.
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    What to do about the ABX test?

    Two common things keep popping up here: 1. Poor (fluid) specification of specifically what is being tested. 2. Conflation of the use of basic controls with ABX.
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    MiniDSP EARS: First Measurements

    He didn't even do that. This was a marketing campaign for a line of amps he was making then. He roped magazines into some badly controlled demos, and the legend has taken root.
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    Review and Measurements of Audio-GD R8

    Looking forward to seeing your ears-only ability to distinguish this from a $10 dongle. There's nothing like actual data and evidence to shut up the "haters." Make sure you're very explicit about outlining controls and level matching procedures.
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    The ABX test of ABX tests

    Keep in mind that there's other formats. ABX is just one way. Double blind, level matched- i.e., ears only. That's the sole non-negotiable part.
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    Master Thread: Are measurements Everything or Nothing?

    Sorry, should have read more closely, but I'm on the road. :D With preamps, the claims are even sillier.
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    Master Thread: Are measurements Everything or Nothing?

    High source impedance sound (i.e., frequency response variations due to interaction with speaker impedance) is not specific to tubes. And to characterize it as something brand specific ("C-J amps sound warm, ARC amps sound cold...") is beyond ridiculous. The "sound" will change from speaker to...
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    1st lab-grown meat product cleared for human consumption in the U.S.

    I'm intrigued to try it. I wonder, though, if it will cause a bad body reaction since I may not have the right enzymes to process it.
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    Stereophiles editor Jim Austin publicly disagreeing with Kal Rubinson

    Thanks; and yes, hedonic testing is a bear. "Subjective" is a word that's so abused that (unfortunately) one cannot assume it passes the Inigo Montoya test.
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    Stereophiles editor Jim Austin publicly disagreeing with Kal Rubinson

    Do you actually mean "subjective" or are you using the word to mean "uncontrolled?"
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