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    Cambridge Edge W power amplifier measurements

    The HD is the AP residual, as mentioned in the text. 1st order IMD (1kHz) was -114dB below the 14V reference, then take another 6dB because there's two 14V signals.
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    Cambridge Edge W power amplifier measurements

    That's a... novel reading of the data. HD was lower than the AP residuals, IMD for 19/20kHz was at -120dB.
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    Evidence-based Speaker Designs

    It was the most realistic rendition of 3D sound I’ve ever heard.
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    Evidence-based Speaker Designs

    I suspect that something like Ambisonics will work nearly as well. The demos I’ve heard were spectacular. Unfortunately, it was not acceptable to consumers...
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    What is on your workbench right now?

    I'd give that multiple likes if I could!
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    Evidence-based Speaker Designs

    Not for me. My wife (a professional musician for many years) was totally indifferent, other than complaining about the size and color of my speakers. Now, the first time she had one of my pizzas... that was the hook. We've been married 12 years now.:D
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    Starkrimson™ Integrated Stereo Amplifier Launched

    Leo, a minor suggestion: if you put up measurements with dBRA as the units (rather than, say, dBV), it might be nice to specify what "A" is.
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    Using a dongle as line out & DAC, running into a desktop amp

    My Apple dongle had the same issue- the problem turned out to not be the dongle, but the jack it plugged into. Some work with a small brush, a plastic flossing stick, and compressed air cleared out impacted dust and debris, and things are working as well as ever. If you get a device with higher...
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    Cambridge Edge W power amplifier measurements

    Esthetics is a significant factor for some. It's absolutely gorgeous.
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    How is your dream DAC like?

    This. If my RME had Dirac built in, I would likely not have bought my NAD M10.
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    (No Debate) [Extreme Political] What you need to know about Hong Kong's new National Security Law

    I first visited HK in '85 as a stopping point before entering China. I immediately fell in love- physically beautiful, fantastic and diverse food, great people, and a pervasive spirit of entrepreneurship. Went back several more times before the '97 disaster. I do mourn what once was and what...
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    Why Audio Science Review's measurements are so different compared to other sources?

    Piloted? I'd start with doing some controlled listening tests to see if your preferences are actually about the sound. That means ears-only (no peeking) and level-matched (to within 0.1dB or so). You may find that the results have an influence on your desire to do measurements, especially after...
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    Why Audio Science Review's measurements are so different compared to other sources?

    Charting a multidimensional measure using a one dimensional x-axis is fatally flawed, no matter how you slice it.
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    MBL Pre-amp De-Thrones Benchmark?

    Shorter version: Jason is both deluded and unhindered by any particular understanding of the technologies he writes about. I think that's the kindest conclusion.
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