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    Elac BS U5 Slim 3-way Coaxial Speaker Review

    According to, "The crossover looks like 3rd order 18db/octave crossover all around." If that's correct, the required tolerances for the crossover and transducers components are bound to be tighter than for a second-order one. I believe KEF LS50 uses a simple...
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    Ocean Way HR5 Studio Monitor Review

    I was perplexed to hear an Ocean Way "professional monitor" inside a respectable studio some years ago. It was jarring, especially compared to a smooth large ATC in their other mixing room next door. Turned out the Ocean Way was on an extended free evaluation at the studio, for several months...
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    The Science Delusion: has science become dogmatic?

    I'm not familiar with Rupert Sheldrake's theories, yet I consider unsatisfactory the current state of scientific affairs, which requires postulating the Big Bang. It resembles ancient dogmas describing creation of then-known universes. The universe we can perceive today is so much wider than...
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    The Science Delusion: has science become dogmatic?

    Or univariate, but less trackable. In this case, a more precise statement would be that disbalance of calories ingested vs calories spent affects the amount of fat deposits. Wrong, yet easier to act on concepts have their appeal ...
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    Ethan Winer Builds a Wire Null Tester

    My credentials include inventing a differential calibration scheme for a detector capable of measuring energy of a single photon, for an experiment at a major US high-energy physics national lab. Both analog schematics design and quantum effects were involved. For the record, I don't consider...
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    Ethan Winer Builds a Wire Null Tester

    According to the schematics, if you supply the right input signals, it might :)
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    Do you have enough hair in your ears? Grow some more! (Re: Hearing Loss)

    Sorry to say this, yet any persistent pulsating audio sensation calls for a prompt visit to an audiologist. Hearing system is a sophisticated bundle of mechanical parts, blood vessels, specialized cells, and nerves. Pulsating sensation may stem from various conditions. Some of them may take...
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    Audibility thresholds of amp and DAC measurements

    I found that reading full paper leads to a better understanding. The dominant harmonic in the distortion they studied is 2nd - not in the class of most noticeable. I believe their salient point is that a THD number, out of context, is not overly meaningful. Their findings are consistent with...
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    Why don't all speaker manufacturers design for flat on-axis and smooth off-axis?

    Listened to Nelson Pass and Zu's founder Sean Casey at the recent Burning Amp Festival in San Francisco: Both are born marketers and extraordinarily likable individuals. A big part of their charm at the Burning Amp was in their communications appearing to be fully congruent: no noticeable...
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    Why are we here?

    It is fitting that the photo is of one of quietest and most comfortable vehicles ever made. Yep, according to, 2010 Dodge RAM V8 5.7 handily outperforms Mercedes S-class, and the rest of the allegedly most luxurious cars, in this regard. The craving...
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    In-Ceiling Speakers: Time to cut the wires?

    A somewhat surprising finding for me was just how good and cost-efficient are medium-grade studio monitors in combination with a decent Bluetooth-enabled DAC. I installed God knows how many sound systems for my wife in the kitchen over the years, and the one which she undoubtedly liked the...
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    Do you have enough hair in your ears? Grow some more! (Re: Hearing Loss)

    I guess they are being careful, as they should be, in order to avoid unsubstantiated efficacy claims. For their latest trial, they are selecting individuals with very specific range of hearing loss profiles. As I understood, they are only pursuing outer hair cells restoration for now. Some...
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    10 cents sensitivity is amazing! What is your perception of a symphony delivered in a compressed format, such as MP3 or AAC, compared to CD? Do you readily notice pitch errors?
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    Hmm, I know 48 vs 44.1 is quite noticeable to me. 440 vs 432 not so much. ((48000-44100)/48000)/((440-432)/440) = 4.46875 48 to 44.1 is ~4.5 stronger than 440 to 432. ~8.1% vs ~1.8%. Apologies for being a stickler on this subject. Numbers matter to me, I guess the way notes matter to...
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    Do you have enough hair in your ears? Grow some more! (Re: Hearing Loss)

    You mean like "the morning after pill"? But for a rock concert aftermath? :)
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