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    How much money do you have invested in thie "hobby?"

    Music Server (standard PC running Windows 10, streamlined) £300 SMSL M8 DAC £100 Counterpoint Natural Progression Mono amps £1000 Nakamichi Soundspace 10 (currently used just as a pre-amp) £500 Aurum Cantus F6600 floorstanding speakers £600 Total £2500
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    Artists You Have Discovered Lately

    Recently came across this band, really liking the vibe.
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    ANIME.. Anyone?

    My favourite, I still have the whole series on VHS.
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    What electronic audio products you want tested most

    I'd love my Counterpoint NPM amps to be tested but shipping them would cost me an arm and a leg! I'd like to see more vintage products tested so I can see how much technology has changed over the years.
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    Master List of Speaker Companies

    Aurum Cantus is another one I didn't see listed. Started out as an Italian company and now is Chinese.
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    PlayClassics album premiere for ASR members

    If theres any codes going could I have one please?
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    DAC types and their sonic signature

    Yes, I've been a long time lurker here and I find some of the comments to subjectivists here pretty shocking really. I don't think that's what ASR is all about though. I appreciate and applaud Amirs' work here, it gives us mere mortals a window into the science behind audio, and has opened my...
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    DAC types and their sonic signature

    Thank you for a clear and concise answer Solderdude. EDIT: Following on from this, you said in most cases the differences won't be audible, so what about in other cases? Would it be possible that say, for instance, a piano waveform is different to the point of being audible, is this possible?
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    DAC types and their sonic signature

    Yes, but I think also a good first step would be to see if there's a possibility if differences in the audio waveform. No, I don't mean noise, I mean actual differences in the audio played through the DAC.
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    DAC types and their sonic signature

    I I see what you're saying, I thought that maybe running a song through an analyser may show that there are subtle differences, maybe some even audible.
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    DAC types and their sonic signature

    I must be really dense as I thought Amirs' tests used signals only, no?
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    DAC types and their sonic signature

    Well doesn't it matter because some people say that they can hear a difference. If the waveforms show that there is a difference then shouldn't that satisfy your needs as a scientist or don't you feel like you should give it an equal footing? It's easy to scoff but I'd like a definitive answer.
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    DAC types and their sonic signature

    I understand that the digital side of the DAC is just data and using expensive USB cables and the like isn't going to make any difference to the sound of the music, but what about the analogue side? Would it be possible to record a track and compare waveforms to see if there are actual any...
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    The kit we bought, our current setups

    No photos. Source - Desktop PC DAC - SMSL M8 Pre Amp - Nakamichi Soundspace 10 Power Amps - Counterpoint NPM Hybrids Speakers Aurum Cantus F6600 I'd like to change to a proper pre-amp as the Nakamichi is a surround sound system.
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