Interested in understanding the mechanisms behind the scenes of both software and hardware which allows us to enjoy and manipulate sound.
Interested in mastering audio.
Interested in Sony's mysterious DSEE HX/AI/Ultimate.
Interested in Sony's SBM Direct for DSD.
Interested in the mystery of DSD audio.
A fan of Bernie Grundman and Ayataka Nishio.
Mastering engineer as a hobby


The dongle market was born due to the removal of the 3.5 mm jack, but its current purpose is to provide users with the cheapest and highest quality audio which the big corporations have not provided us with, at least in terms of iPhones and Windows PCs if not Android phones (thanks to Qualcomm's WHS chips). The problem is that even if 24/48 PCM is good enough for us, 24/48 limited chips may not be. So we can listen to 24/48 PCM only, but we still want 32 bit codecs to be in every iPhone and Windows PC, only then will the dongle market cease. But still, it is preferable to be able to use the same product/implementation knowing its potential performance based on ASR measurements. We can be assured that the DACs in random phones and computers are not introducing problems as we don't have to use them! So we may never accept using all kinds of implementations which are unmeasured. Therefore Dongles are here to stay forever!

Porting DSEE HX AI to the next Music Center for PC v2.4 will increase users of Music Center for PC and increase the standard of audio experienced by many people. Especially those who use lossy formats regularly.


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