"The room response must be averaged to recognize trends in the summation of direct and reflected signals at the microphone. The resulting curves must not be taken as a 1:1 representation of what is heard as loudness at different frequencies. The room response gives a picture of the steady state SPL, where sound generation and sound dissipation in the room have reached their equilibrium." -Linkwitz

"Blind reliance on measurements can be misleading ‐ one needs to tie those measurements back to subjective perception. It is the perceived sound quality that matters not the measured quality – unless that measurement has been scaled and correlated to subjective perception through valid psychoacoustic tests. Unfortunately very few of our current genre of acoustic tests have had this kind of introspection." -Geddes

"It's enormously important to understand that there is absolutely no possibility of having any pleasure in life at all without skill. Money doesn't buy pleasure ever."-Alan Watts

"Headphones are completely unsuited for judging the spatial rendering of a stereo recording that is intended for loudspeaker playback. Headphones are optimally suited for analyzing tonal artifacts in a recording but completely distort distance perception." -LINKWITZ


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