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    The Truth Pre Amp Review

    It looks like the left rotary button is placed lower than the other ?!?
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    Is Spotify darker than lossless?

    Right. I probably used standard quality. Getting to think about it: my aim was to test the frequency response of an amplifier I was working on. The curve I measured at it outputs using the test tones on Spotify as its inputs wasn't flat. This triggered me to test the frequency response of the...
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    Is Spotify darker than lossless?

    I recently checked some ‘audio test tones’ that are on Spotify using a strobe. Above 15kHz they flatlined. Perhaps that does explain it?
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    Stupid mistakes big companies make on specs, brochures or websites. Doh!

    I just came across a consumer-to-consumer ad of an amp with this photo attached. Wonder how that will sound when it is demoed:
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    KEF's new Metamaterial Absorption Technology

    I've combined the LS50 vs the LS50 Meta measurements from in one image:
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    KEF LS50 Upgrade

    Kef LS50 Meta anechoic measurements: Seems pretty good, at first sight!
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    Bowers & Wilkins 805S Bookshelf Speaker Review

    Look nice but what is the significance when it is equalized using a dsp? Relevant would be a measurement from an anechoic room or a nearfield measuring device.
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    Denon DA-500 Vintage R2R DAC Review

    But how would it perform using an audiophile mains cable? ;)
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    Bowers & Wilkins 805S Bookshelf Speaker Review

    You mean, similar to what the Nautilus manual says “less smooth response with the grill removed” or what the S manual says (nothing about the smoothness - i.e. dispersion? )? The Nautilus has a crossover at 3 kHz, the S at 4 kHz (says amirm), would that explain that from the S on, smoothness is...
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    Bowers & Wilkins 805S Bookshelf Speaker Review

    @amirm tested with the magnetic grill of the tweeter removed. B&W recommends to keep it on, for better dispersion (at least that is what the 805N manual states).
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    Bowers & Wilkins 805S Bookshelf Speaker Review

    Its predecessor, the 805N has the crossover frequency at 3000Hz (according to Stereophile), iso 4000Hz. Wonder why that might be...
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    Intona USB 3.0 Isolator Review

    Still, it probably will help fix SQ issues when there is a ground loop over USB (as I experience with my NUC; regardless the DAC I use: SQ problems manifest themselves when using the phono input on the amp ; regardless the amp I use). But as Amirm shows; it will not magically solve problems you...
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    Source computer's HUGE effect on fidelity

    Regardless all the sarcasm (?): I experience degraded sound (when using my turntable!?) that appears to be caused by the computer and USB connections with both DACs I own (Topping D10 and Musical FIdelity V-DAC) don't solve (unless using the D10 as a USB to optical converter).
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    USB isolator

    I experienced a buzz issue caused by USB. It manifested itself in a buzz over the phono preamp (!). It happened regardless the DAC (tested a Musical Fidelity VDac and the internal DAC of the NAD D3020). I solved it by adding this USB optocoupler...
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