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    MQA Deep Dive - I published music on tidal to test MQA

    Like how you agitated people to care about the proliferation of poorly measuring audio equipment? How is that any different? Both that and exposing MQA's misleading marketing claims and anti-consumer business agenda are good aims. Additionally, it is perfectly reasonable to push for change in...
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    E1DA 9038D Review (portable DAC & Amp)

    I've always set volume limiters around -6.5dBFS to eliminate distortion from inter-sample overs. Is this not common practice?
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    Looks like Drop might be 'dropping' a HD800

    Big yikes on that FR graph, They said the "smoothed" the mids, but it turns out the made the upper mids dip even dippier, which will accentuate the treble peak that the HD800 series already had. But THEY ALSO MADE THE TREBLE PEAK HIGHER AND MORE JAGGED. They improved two problems of the...
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    Looks like Drop might be 'dropping' a HD800

    Good test of your ability to give a company an interest free $1100 loan on a product of unknown quality
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    Guy claiming a linear PSU for his NAS improves sound/picture quality of streamed content

    Saw this linked on reddit. Poster on reddit said: "This guy is claiming that using a linear power supply (which produces less noisy power than a switching mode power supply) on your NAS will lead to better picture quality on the device you are streaming to, and presumably better audio quality...
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    NAD Viso HP50 Review (headphone)

    Had the HP50 for years as my daily driver portable starting in 2014. LOVED the sound without EQ, but after 3 years, one of the drivers started to play at a much lower volume (regardless of which entry port is used). They replaced it with a refurb at no cost, which was awesome customer service...
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    What headphone(s) do you own ?

    In order of acquisition: Koss Portapro Hifiman HE-500 Sennheiser HD6XX Sennheiser HD1 over-ear Drop Panda Etymotic ER4SR
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    Gustard X16 Balanced MQA DAC Review

    Anyone know if the included filters are linear phase or minimum phase?
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    So, just saw this on Facebook from Shenzhenaudio, SMSL SU-9, I can't keep up!

    Tentative release date for this is October, according to Shenzhen Audio on Facebook. No price announcement.
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    Reasonably priced DAC with toslink and remote volume control? Or remote controlled analog preamp?

    I've run single-ended inputs into powered studio monitors for years without major issue.
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    Reasonably priced DAC with toslink and remote volume control? Or remote controlled analog preamp?

    Thank you, those seem like great options. Are the remotes on those suggestions reasonably fast at ramping up/down volume? On my other system, the Emotiva XDA-2 has a volume control, but it's unbearably slow.
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    Reasonably priced DAC with toslink and remote volume control? Or remote controlled analog preamp?

    I just got a new TV, and I'm hoping to use my powered studio monitors (JBL LSR305) as speakers. Unfortunately, the TV doesn't have analog audio output, and it doesn't do digital attenuation on the optical audio output. Anyone have suggestions for reasonably priced DACs with toslink input, and...
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    HIDIZS S8 USB-C Headphone Adapter Review

    Agreed, I feel I will eventually replace this with the e1da 9038D when it's released, just to get a linear phase filter.
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    HIDIZS S8 USB-C Headphone Adapter Review

    Interesting behavior I've discovered in my Tempotec HD Pro in Foobar2000. When running WASAPI (push) mode, when you play a new track it takes about three seconds for the music to start playing in all samplerates except 96k and 192k. This includes 44.1k, 48k, 88.2k, and 176.4k. This makes me...
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