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    Focal Utopia Review (Headphone)

    Connectors are here to buy (sure, not cheap and only silver version)
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    Focal Utopia Review (Headphone)

    Thanks for that review, I know how Focal Utopia sounds, and I'm surprised that anybody can complain for an amount of bass there. For me it is good enough with extreme clarity that even Stax SR-009 cannot provide in this area. I also love the precision in stereo image - no idea what ppl expect...
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    Electrostatic Headphone Amplifier Review & Comparison

    So the whole story should have topic: "How not to test amplifiers designed to work with only electrostatic headphones" ? How to properly test is still "under construction" ?
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    All About Daft Punk

    I had no idea about that video. I watched it and I think it is really nicely done. Interesting choice to make a video for the whole album. Thanks. Tron Legacy soundtrack is incredible good ! It is also good to remove some dust from the woofers and subwoofers ;)
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