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    Allo Usbridge Signature

    If you guys want some measurements, Allo posted some on diyaudio, using usbridge sig gives a bit better results. But after compared jolida dac with some better test results dac, I doubt maybe the measurements cannot explain all things we are listening.
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    Internal of jolida glass fx dac dsd

    I'm sure the objective measurement of this dac is not good, but to my ear, it's better than my previous su-8 at least. Here is a photo of the internal dac, very compact design. I think the power section could be improved.
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    [Sold]Geshelli enog2 pro dac

    I would like to sell a Geshelli enog2 pro dac, it has good review by amirm. Looking for $100 shipped. Thanks.
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    What headphone(s) do you own ?

    he5le mod and he560 pre-production version.
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    Oooh , new Drop THX collab!

    sp200 is about $200 with thx888 technology, what benefits we can get from this drop version?
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    Internal of thx788

    I got some photos about thx788, There is no opa564 in thx788 like thx887.
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    [FS-SFBAY] SMSL SU-8 V2 - $150

    I would like to sell my smsl su-8 v2, it's 1 year old and in great shape. I'm looking for $150 net(buyer please pay shipping and pp fee), local pickup in sfbay is welcome(no other fees). I will post some pics later.
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    SONCOZ SGD1 Audio DAC Review

    I think I will sell my su-8 soon and buy a sgd1 to support Ben for this great work, very impressive.
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    FS: SOLD

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    Measurements of AD1865NOS by Cyxchen

    According to the testing, the old ad1865 can beat 9038pro at 20~40hz frequency?
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    Measurements of Matrix Audio X-SABRE Pro

    One dumb question, in Amirm testing result, the 32 tone result in low frequency(20hz), it's about 130db, in your measurement, it's 110db, I mean amirm's result is at least 10db better than yours. Why?
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    Best sabre ess9038 pro dac?

    I think he is trying to make some relationship between his experience and measurement. I don't have experience about these high price DACs, but I compared su8 and dx3 in same condition and found su8 is a bit brighter and more resolve which I prefer. But I use a saga as preamp which thd is much...
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    SMSL SU-8 Version 2 Balanced DAC

    Hi @amirm, Did you do multi-tone test? Thanks.
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    FS: Massdrop THX 789

    The price is reasonable as tax and shipping cost has to be included. But you have more choices now, thx 887 and sp200, if you like, I don't think blame seller for asking high price than what you thought publicly is proper.
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