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    Questioning the MiniDSP 2x4 sound quality.

    Nice one you have. I wonder if there is anything as good as yours in Amazon....
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    Questioning the MiniDSP 2x4 sound quality.

    Interesting, using mobile crossover. Thanks for the idea.
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    Questioning the MiniDSP 2x4 sound quality.

    Which analog crossover are you using? Thanks!
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    The wealth-building thread

    Wow, I still have seldom used 103 and 203. I am rich now!
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    Best hifi you have or have had?

    Yeah, like a few already said, the best I have is what I have now.
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    Speaker choices for a reflective, large room

    Are you able to do home trials of some Paradigm offerings? Compared to other center speakers I have used, I like my Paradigm center speakers the best in term of speech clarity. Mine are from Studio and Signature series and already discontinued. But current offerings should behave similar.
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    The Case For AVRs... Am I missing something???

    I have AVR from Yamaha, Onkyo, Pioneer and AV Preamp from Marantz. They are fine for movies. For music, so far none could provide the enjoyments I get from my stereo setup.
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    Topping Pre90 Review (preamplifier)

    I have similar experience using a transparent preamp instead of using my DAC in preamp mode. I was told using my DAC as preamp is not optimal as it is lossy. So you are not alone in experiencing improvements once moving away from DAC preamp mode.
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    The wealth-building thread

    No. My first was a well used beater. Often had problems starting. Can't even afford one without help of my wife. Can barely afford rent and food then. How about you? Instead of keep arguing about why someone "can't", how about thinking about how anyone "can"? This is the original purpose...
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    The wealth-building thread

    Inflation..... Unlikely to stop any time soon. But it is nothing new. I think many of us here worked minimum wages before. How do we eventually ended up with some retirement money?
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    The wealth-building thread

    Why would you use median rent to assess affordablility of housing for those who earn minimal wage? You do know what median means, right?
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    The wealth-building thread

    Nice, if you can do this consistently over long term with play money, why not. I may look into this after I retire. Hopefully I won't end up like my uncle who loss all his retirement funds due to options.....
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    Mains related hum and noise in power amplifiers

    Hi @pma, regarding your post in for A21, was it measured with xlr in? Did you do RCA in? What speakers did you use to check the hum?
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    S.M.S.L A12 anybody?

    Hmm, I wonder how they can claim THD+N: 0.005% with measurements like this (from Amazon):
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