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    What items have you NOT purchased as a result of ASR?

    Totaldac d1-six.. Now I can play cool & say if it measured bad nor was recommended, I spared my funds for something better :cool:. (...instead of just to confess that I'm broke and wouldn't buy it in any case :facepalm::oops:)
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    Hedd ‘Heddphones’ production video

    Interesting: In order to reproduce the complete audible frequency band (and beyond), the HEDDphone® incorporates VVT® (pat. pending). VVT® introduces a new diaphragm geometry that expands the AMT principle to a linear full range (10Hz–40kHz) headphone transducer. It replaces the fixed geometric...
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    Glass Sound Speaker (portable light&sound with Red Dot award)

    Interesting, for only $799. Or $1598 for stereo ;) Sony LSPX-S1 GLASS SOUND SPEAKER Red-dot award 2019
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    What you need to know about the virus in China "2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)"

    FYI, I accidentally tripped over an article about this "home" :) Bruce Makowsky (born 1956)[1] is an American real estate developer and entrepreneur. In 2017, he set the record for the most expensive home listed in the United States by listing a home he developed in Bel Air on the market for...
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    SOLD: Devialet 200 (CONUS & Canada)

    9 of 10 italian ASR readers got a heartattack seeing these pictures.. :eek:
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    SOLD: Devialet 200 (CONUS & Canada)

    Anyway, when this thread "gone wrong", am I the only one who thinks that "weird" placement of an egg shaped speaker in front of a female angel looks somehow too... decadent, to say the least? :)
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    SOLD: Devialet 200 (CONUS & Canada)

    I like broccoli decorated pizza, you like pinneaple... Let's just both of us be happy we live in Europe, cause in California we would be death already :) Now what was the thread about? :p
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    SOLD: Devialet 200 (CONUS & Canada)

    you can't mix US hightech with FR hightech it's like putting pinneaple on a pizza :rolleyes:
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    SOLD: Devialet 200 (CONUS & Canada)

    Electronics comes and goes, but books remain the same constant value.. :)
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    SOLD: Devialet 200 (CONUS & Canada)

    Still sexy, just not to the wide audience ;)
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    SOLD: Devialet 200 (CONUS & Canada)

    But one have to admit, this thin plate looks nice in the showroom, next to a thin laptop. (the thickness of the books there is purely random.. ;)
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    SOLD: Devialet 200 (CONUS & Canada)

    Its nice finish screams to be used for DYI body weight scale...
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    Devialet Expert 200 Amplifier, DAC and Streamer Review

    We all should be more reserved in our judgements and just wait for a fully functional piece to be retested. Because the manufacturer is clearly confident with this Expert line :cool:: "By rethinking sound reproduction at every turn, Devialet engineers have been able to achieve the best...
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