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    "Different" music for bored music lovers

    And not toooo different from the Harry Partch vein, here is Charle's Ives' piece Three Quarter-tone Pieces for Two Pianos, which I find just beautiful, and the most in-tune quarter tones one ever hears... It's hilarious where he quotes "The Entertainer" in quarter tones at about 6'20"!
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    "Different" music for bored music lovers

    Gotta love Harry Partch! His books are also compelling, where he argues that western music went wrong around the time of the crusades and we should be using a 43-note-to-the-octave scale. Then despite being homeless, an outsider and without much support on the west coast of the USA, he wrote...
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    Can you really hear the sound details over 20kHz?

    It is not true, and recording engineers are as susceptible to audio BS as anyone - I know because I was one... Best to check the science, all humans are susceptible to the perception and reasoning errors that good science avoids or debunks.
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    EQ Software for Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS/iPadOS and Android.

    Yes, it is easily possible, Fabfilter for example has separate LR EQ. I think there are a bunch of others, but there do not seem to be many free or consumer level plugins or systems with separate LR EQ on MacOS
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    New JBL 4349 Speakers

    Not for me, as I said before I tried the M2 against the big Genelecs (3-way, same room and single blind), I also listened to similarly priced Questeds and ATCs (different times). I bought 2 pairs of the M2s as a result. Having heard them I think the midrange is better than all of the others I...
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    Digital volume control vs analog volume control

    Just to add to what mansr accurately pointed out, not only is your system and room more limited in dynamic range than the DAC, but also the music does not use anywhere near the dynamic range of the DAC. So for all practical purposes, a properly dithered volume control is just fine. I can...
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    Digital volume control vs analog volume control

    There is an AWFUL lot of audiophile rubbish on the net about this, so please be careful John Siau has the best and most complete explanation I have seen here: I would say that if your DAC and DSP is...
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    Do USB Audio Cables Make A Difference?

    If you had played a blues track then your wife would have come back, your dog would have come back to life, and you'd have got out of prison!
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    New JBL 4349 Speakers

    30+ years ago I might have said the same thing, but I have 2 sets of JBL M2s in different rooms, and the midrange is superb wth 15" drivers crossed over at 800Hz to the waveguide-loaded HF unit. With modern driver technology those old maxims are not true any more.
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    Do USB Audio Cables Make A Difference?

    I'm going back to my cylinders on the Edison Ambrola - warmest sound ever!
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    Review and Measurements of Benchmark AHB2 Amp

    This just shows how delusional sighted and uncontrolled hifi reviews and reviews are. is full of such nonsense.
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    Videos vs. Articles

    Seem we have a lot of readers! :D In general I do not click on YT videos, either embedded or as links. I have watched a few of Amir's and he does a good job, but I also like to read, and to be able to skim if I need to - reading is faster and my time is precious. As YT is a commercial...
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    Introducing Directiva - An ASR open source platform speaker project

    Not to forget the Bliesma tweeters if they do not blow the budget
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    Samson Resolv SE6 - worthwhile?

    Did you see this: ? Another possible contender for you: Both seem a good choice for a first...
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    The sound quality of DSD?

    Yes indeed, a DSD stream cannot be modified, not even gain change, so for any processing at all one must use PCM. It's a bit difficult to have a production environment without gain changes, let alone plugins or editing...
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