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    Do you know English?

    I started to learn english by myself when I was five. I pass through school system and I was lucky to have good teachers. When I was about 18 I realized I have trouble with slang and accents, so I sought a ways how to fix it, and it was worth it. Two years ago I visited a standup comedy with...
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    Surge protectors

    Houses are usually protected by lightning rods. Protected receptacles are not standard here, In general its believed that tripping a breaker is enough to protect electrical appliances and the cables inside the walls that can be 16-20A at 230V. I am sure it will protect the cables in the...
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    Surge protectors

    I would like ask few questions about surge protectors and expensive cabling in general. First of all, I do not believe, and I never measured any improvement in sound based on changing cables or surge protector. Also surge protector would not likely survive direct hit by a lightning. There are...
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    class D Amp recomendation for ELAC DBR62, under 300$

    No argue about lower power or lower sensitivity. I use this combo for near-field listening in a small room and probably should mention that. But keep in mind that d3020v2 is rated 30W is at 8 ohms and 100W at 4 ohms, while DBRs62 are rated for 6 ohms.
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    class D Amp recomendation for ELAC DBR62, under 300$

    I drive them with NAD d3020v2, which costed 500... I was looking for lowest THD+N for a small low power integrated amp, in range between 300 and 650. Its class D with modified Hypex UcD102.
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    ASIO Leak Problem.

    Some programs may "release" the sound device when paused or stopped. Is it allowed for applications to use Exclusive mode for all Topping outputs?
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    A Call For Humor!

    Yes they do :) Anyway, the joke is much funnier for german speakers :D
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    Linus tested a huge amount of HDMI cables

    Linus once reviewed 1000 dollar cable. Snakeoil ofc.
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    Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Motherboard Audio Review

    It was in past months - the chip shortage, so prices of all components went up... My GPU was 800 euro, plus 200 cooling and I thought it was way too expensive. Few months ago, on a secondary market it price raised to 1600... I am really not going to build new PC anytime soon.
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    Yamaha WXA-50 alternatives

    I was deciding between WXA-50 and NAD d3020v2. Went for the latter because it does not have too many smart features, while I use Toslink instead.
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    Ending the Windows Audio Quality Debate

    Yes, i have this settings available. I use only digital output 96KHz samplerate with 44.1KHz signal: Apparently there is still some distortion related to conversion, which is not present on 192KHz... Using 192KHz for shared mode would not be much of a problem in term of audio quality as i...
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    Dune 2021

    Is this technically a new addition to Dune adaptations?
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    Ending the Windows Audio Quality Debate

    Yeah, my point was that the problem with CAudioLimiter and audibility of the distortion IS probably linked to my specific setup. Just did some testing of Windows sample rate converter. Recording (lineIn) is set to 192KHz, FLOAT. I generated dual sine at -6,15dBFS so the issues with...
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    Ending the Windows Audio Quality Debate

    And i keep repeating that it was distorted even when the result was at -6 dBFS.
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    Ending the Windows Audio Quality Debate

    That was probably measured at +96dBspl, i am probably listening to much lower value. Anyway this was what I got when i tried to mix sinewave at 50Hz and 7KHz. After testing i found out that CaudioLimiter is the culprit.
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