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    Merit in measuring @ 1 watt (first watt performance)?

    The issue is a little bit more subtle. There is a "problem" with measuring power amp output using single tone sine waves. Music is not a single tone sine wave. The important difference is in the crest factor. Single tone sine waves has a crest factor of 3 dB, which means the V_peak is 1.414 *...
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    Talk to me about bandwidth

    Awesome. I'm sure your setup will work great. For me, the lack of a physical volume knob with the MiniDSP is a major usability hit too. Sometimes these seemingly minor non-technical flaws actually matter a lot.
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    Talk to me about bandwidth

    Haha! You got a fancy name for that. Obviously I am no expert in dimensional analysis. Any knowledge of it has been long returned to my fluids dynamics professor (only place I remember seeing it). That's is a difficult question without a simple answer, IMO. The difficulty is that headphones EQ...
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    Talk to me about bandwidth

    IMO if you are using a MiniDSP 2x4HD, you shouldn't need the iFi DAC (unless you need it for headphones). The MiniDSP will just A/D the signal, process it, and D/A it out. You are ultimately limited by the A/D D/A capability of the MiniDSP. Why not just feed digital signals directly to the...
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    Talk to me about bandwidth

    The transparency/quality of AD/DA process in your Crown is more a matter of the implementation than the bit depth/sampling rate capabilities of the ADC/DAC chips. The bit depth/sampling rate of the Crown is sufficient. It is the actual implementation of the electronics that is usually the...
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    I have a Klippel question (albeit perhaps a naïve one)

    The NFS uses spherical harmonics to model the speaker's radiation directivity. Below is a picture from Klippel (source) to help visualize the radiation patterns of these spherical harmonics. What is being done is akin, in concept, to discrete Fourier transform where it can decompose an...
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    I believe Amir's setup for measuring headphone amp output impedance has a lower measurement limit of about 1 ohm. If the output impedance is lower, the reported value will likely not reflect it. Please see this post...
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    Negative feedback bad for audio?

    I just don't get this thing about adding second harmonic (H2) distortions will make the reproduced sound sounding more pleasant. How come nobody says anything about the accompanying euphonic intermodulation distortions (IMD)? Mathematically, a simple harmonic generator is the Chebyshev...
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    Negative feedback bad for audio?

    Here is Amir's Purifi 1ET400A 1kHz THD measurement. With highest HD at -127 dB, the 1ET400A curve won't even show up in Mr Pass' graph (lower y-limit of -120 dB). So whose view of NFB is better?
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    ASR Member Software

    Soundspec by @Florin Andrei. Please see this thread.
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    Pass ACA Class A Power Amplifier Review

    Just be aware that "some" has been predetermined and baked-in for you by Mr Pass.
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    Speaker position simulator?

    I am not an acoustician and have no experience with any acoustics simulation software (including the two I mention below). I haven't come across any "simple easy to use" software, but there is an open source sound modelling software called I-Simpa. A commercial software that seems to be quite...
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    Do Dacs make a difference

    The first graphs Amir shows in his AVR reviews are DAC performance. It is also helpful to take a look at the FFT graph. Below is from the Marantz SR6014 just reviewed. You can see that the SINAD (signal-to-noise and distortions) was dominated by distortions (3rd harmonic at 3 kHz) and noise...
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    Worth investing in Helmholtz resonator to fix deep nulls at 41 and 82Hz?

    Not when the 4 sub setup is optimized. Here is a link to a post in AVS Forum by Dr. Toole on the sound level benefits of using 4 smaller subs over 1 big sub in a sound field managed setup...
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    Some advice for desktop audio setups?

    Welcome to ASR. Glad that you joined. Here is a link to the review of the Vanatoo Transparent Zero. With appropriate EQ, the "preference score" can be raised from 3.9 to 5.7, which will make it rank among the top performing speakers. You can drive it using USB from your computer...
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