It seems I may have found the about me space, aptly named About you..
So, let's stay on topic for a second. Namely you, which, incidentally, is a good place to start; your Name. Age. uhm. yada yada.
It's not the only oddity, take my Location, for instance, it is three fields up. But if one looks at someones data it says From instead. It makes a big little difference.
I mean, imagine if I specified my location as the Origins, it'd say I'm From: the Origins. ok, bad example perhaps, but bottom line; if I know where I am I might be able to use this information to see where I'm headed. I guess this says more about me than it does about you.
I'll see if can find out some more about you until next time. And remember, I'm only about three fields away, presumably, uhm, on my way down.
Mar 20, 1977 (Age: 43)


my doctor says I am spesial


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