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    Amir recommendation criticism

    The answer to that is in distortion measurements. But I did see in his R3 review he said: "The distortion graphs is still work in progress as I continue to fight the Klippel software to generate proper SPL measures."
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    Amir recommendation criticism

    Can you expand which parts specifically confused you in the R3 review? I may have skipped over something when I first read it.
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    Amir recommendation criticism

    I just disagree with 'most of the time'. But fair enough, I guess interpretations of his conclusions can be subjective also.
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    Amir recommendation criticism

    He seems to ignore measurements in his conclusion, most of the time? Most of the time meaning 6 of 10 times? I don't think that's a fair comment at all...
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    Amir recommendation criticism

    It's US$2k per pair for the R3. And his R3 review concluded with "objective measurements are superb enough to give a thumbs up to KEF R3 and hence the choice of panther." I'm pretty sure the KEF engineers involved with the R3 are very happy reading his review...
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    Audioengine A5+ Powered Speaker Review

    The feature is there but it isn't "on" by default - you always need to enable this manually, for any DSP you enable.
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    Audioengine A5+ Powered Speaker Review

    Do you add headroom management in Roon also?
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    Intel destroyed by AMD, let's talk like audio

    My CPU (i9-9900K) is actually an important part of my music playback. I use HQPlayer (on the fly convolution for digital room correction plus upsampling to DSD) and some of their newer DSD modulators need running speed (max boost) close to 5GHz for 2 cores. I don't overclock. I haven't seen...
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    Which DAC measurements do you like to see next?

    If it had the stepped attenuator volume control like Ragnarok (for no channel imbalance issues) I’d agree. Maybe version 4 !
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    Hilarious CNN Headphone Article

    “We focused our testing on the most consumer-facing options, searching for the headphones and earbuds that deliver the most value, so you won't find thousand-dollar options designed for the pickiest of audiophiles.” These these are all bluetooth headphones, which is the billion dollar market...
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    That is some serious power cables sir :)

    Don't forget when your phone runs out of battery power, no more time... Rolex can keep working with just kinetic movement !
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    Dirac Live Bass Management?

    Thanks! If I purchase Dirac Live® for Studio plugin license now for US$349, will multichannel DLP + Bass Control be a free upgrade or additional cost?
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    Schiit Modius Balanced DAC Review

    This is stating the obvious... that's the whole point of me showing Matrix measurement and me writing: "Matrix Audio seem to have TOSlink input jitter rejection figured out" i.e. (if it wasn't obvious already) the Matrix team have implemented jitter rejection well ;-)
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    Schiit Modius Balanced DAC Review

    Not all ESS based DACs measure like this with TOSlink input... despite all having Sabre ASRC and jitter reduction...
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