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    Remaining Considerations on DSD

    Which is fine, but they claim that their consensus is proof of actual absolute sound quality.
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    Remaining Considerations on DSD

    Well, no surprise. Now I will show you something truly horrible. It is not the first case I found, but the first I decided to keep as an example. Attached you can see the spectrum of a 24-192 file, which is of course sold at a higher price than the rebook, 24-48, 24-96 variants. What you see...
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    Remaining Considerations on DSD

    Yeah, but audiophiles do not care about sound quality. They care about perceived sound quality.
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    Delta-sigma vs “Multibit”: what’s the big deal?

    I also replaced my (R2R) Soekris DAC1541 with a (multibit Sigma-Delta) Topping D90 (no MQA, no SE) and a Monoprice THX 887 Headamp (while it was on a special offer) and I even had 200EUR more money in the end. Apart from an improved noise level and a smoother sound, through the amplifier and...
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    Topping D90SE Review (Balanced DAC)

    Yes. It takes effort. Well, there always are. Some people just need to deny science to avoid feeling insecure about a 25.000 USD DAC.
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    Review and Measurements of Purifi 1ET400A Amplifier

    No pop, rather a very soft click (from the speakers).
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    PAS 2002PCA PA amplifier vs MC2 S800

    I would not ignore the SINAD completely, it serves as a first approximation to separate the wheat from the chaff, but it is sufficient that it goes to a decent level and then the actually value sort of loses importance, except for bragging rights. It is indeed too simplistic, also for me.
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    AKM restarting production

    The flagship chips are scheduled to be announced at the end of January: "Gaku Suzuki also confirmed to audioXpress that by the end of January, AKM is planning to release a new product related to high-end audio ICs."
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    Audiophonics HPA-S400ET Class D Purifi amp

    The LM4562 has slightly worse noise and distortion measurements than the OPA1612, but the difference is so small that it probably does not change the total SINAD of the complete amplifier for buffers that have a simple single ended circuit (like the EVAL buffer, the VTV, Nord, Apollon...
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    Audiophonics HPA-S400ET Class D Purifi amp

    He did not test a build with the Neurochrome buffer, which has a significantly higher S/N ratio and lower THD, IMD than the other buffers (the Neurochrome is a composite amplifier and all other ones are simpler single opamp circuits). Since noise and distortion are amplified by the Purifi module...
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    Why did Class H amps never really catch on?

    Well, it took me literally 10 seconds to find it. Clearly, they haven’t flooded the market yet, and you cannot find good 30yo class D amps. So there is a point in the argument I vehemently argued against (a modicum of apology on my side is henceforth warranted). Still, “near state of the art”...
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    Class-D topologies - why most modern amps are half-bridge? Why not multilevel?

    I do not think this is to reduce costs. Simply speaking, Class D amplifiers can already get good performance as half bridge designs, so there is no need to make them more complicated. Full bridge also makes feedback loops more complicated, so it is better to BTL two modules which have completely...
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    Why did Class H amps never really catch on?

    I realised that, but I think we should be close. A NC502MP based amp can be found for about 800€, so the used price should be as low as 500€. A NC252MP based amp should be in the target range. EDIT: in fact, this one was sold for about 400€...
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    Why did Class H amps never really catch on?

    Seriously, you can have a < 2K USD Purifi build with Neurochrome buffers that beats any state of the art Class AB amp even if you spend tens of thousands of dollars on them. Have a listen.
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