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    People with SMSL SA300 - Do you use Direct or SDB.

    DIR. I found SDB to be heavy on the bass/mid-bass with my KEF Q150’s in a near-field desktop setup.
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    Does silver used in interconnects "sound" different than copper?

    What an absolute s**t show of a forum. I get it, if you have an abundance of cash laying around to waste on pointless stuff, good for you. But that should be advertised. Too many 20-somethings get out there and max out their credit cards on snake oil and "perceived" value only to find themselves...
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    Look at the upside, there is no reason to spend major $ on gear when you have tinnitus. Things like "lower noise floor" and "black backgrounds" mean nothing to you so why waste your money on them!
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    Potentially stupid questions about Audyssey and target curves

    I would return the subwoofer LFE setting at 120 Hz in the AVR, as that is the LFE channel (.1) in the soundtrack. The Small/Hz setting for each speaker will _additionally_ direct any signal below the crossover to the subwoofer, regardless of the LFE channel setting. The LFE channel is not mixed...
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    Potentially stupid questions about Audyssey and target curves

    I just adjusted the speaker distance in manual settings on the AVR, though you can do it in MultEQ and resend the setup each time if you want. It’s easier to do with the remote while rerunning the sweeps in REW. You aren’t moving the subwoofer at all, it’s just changing the distance which means...
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    Are there sub-$1500 AV Processors???

    So, my experience, using the SVS App, was that I followed the guide on AVSForum to setup Audyssey. And that meant only using the SVS App to adjust the gain so that I hit -11 on the AVR for sub trim giving Audyssey the most room to adjust the subwoofer. Seriously the Guide is comprehensive, and...
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    Potentially stupid questions about Audyssey and target curves

    This thread is one of the best on dialing in custom target curves for Audyssey, I used it to apply a custom curve to my setup. I used the spreadsheet linked in the thread (DeLub?) to apply one of the house curves to the output. Get an idea of how it works, tweak it (I use iCloud to share the...
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    Worst and best bad movies you've every accidentally watched?

    Absolute Worst: Prayer of the Rollerboys Best Worst: The Wraith mentioned above is up there, there are plenty of others I just can’t think of right now! But the absolute worst, just horrible. I mean, really bad.
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    What is your ideal integrated amplifier?

    I really like the look of the TEAC A4-sized components. The AX-505 in Silver is sleek, small, and would be perfect on my white/silver office setup. The challenge I find is availability in the US. I’d really like the NT-505 and the AP-505, but that’s nearly $4k, and I really think an AI-505 (if...
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    SMSL SA300 / Infineon Class D

    Interesting. I wonder if that’s a setting I can adjust in the Audio MIDI Setup (MacOS) to adjust the buffering level. It was originally working fine in the USB C (Thunderbolt actually) port with a USB-C to Micro USB cable, but then it started with the little tiny static pops. It doesn’t sound...
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    SMSL SA300 / Infineon Class D

    Any thoughts on USB cables for this amplifier? I have tried a USB-C -> Micro USB and would get tiny pop/clicks during playback. I then tried a USB-A -> Micro USB and also got some static pops (same as above). Using a super cheap USB-A -> Micro USB that came with headphone to charge them and...
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    SMSL SA300 / Infineon Class D

    They're about an arms wingspan apart, so maybe 6 feet (72inch)?
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    SMSL SA300 / Infineon Class D

    I have the same setup (great sale price on the Q150) and near-field as computer speakers it sounds great. Fantastic actually. The KEF UniQ is impressive, no convergence issues and sitting close with a small amount toe-in the image at keyboard is great. Can't think of anything I would upgrade at...
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