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    Speaker Dispersion - Wider? Narrower? - Your Personal Preference?

    Prefer wider dispersion with music made with instruments, prefer narrower with electronic music.
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    Dirac for already compensated phase speakers ?

    On second glance, I’m not sure those monitors are phase corrected in the sense that the group delay is flat between drivers, usually by the use of all pass filters or FIR filters. Because they do not contain DSP. There will always be phase wrap at the driver crossover points. They may be phase...
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    An audio engineer explains why Dolby Atmos Music is “definitely going to supersede stereo”

    I just love when new flat panel TVs come out with Dolby Atmos speakers built in.
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    Dirac for already compensated phase speakers ?

    It will work absolutely great. Your speaker choice is phase corrected in an anechoic environment and as such you will likely still have phase distortion at the listening position, obviously depending on where you are listening. This is due to the room and reflections. Dirac can help to improve...
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    The best of everything, a system review: Apple TV 4K 2022, MiniDSP SHD, BlueSound Node, SMSL M400, Benchmark AHB2, Clarity M

    You missed the best feature of the blue sound node I just discovered. It controls the volume of its digital outputs. You can literally use HDMI arc from the TV to an external DAC and just use your TV remote for volume, and the trigger out can switch yours amps on and off (15 minute off delay...
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    combining marantz cinema 50 with topping la90 for tannoy xt8f

    You wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the cinema50 and the topping, in fact the topping would hard clip way before the marantz, probably sounding worse.
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    Opinions on Hypex Plate (FusionAMP) Amplifiers?

    Anyone users have any complaints re: fans on the FA502 / FA503 units? I'm brainstorming an active 3-way build and fan noise could be a deal breaker. Second, any updates on a more powerful DSP module with FIR capabilities yet? I can live without this it's just a nice to have later on thing...
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    Remotes, remotes, remotes...

    Yup. What John said.
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    Cambridge Audio Azur 851N Review and Measurements

    Loved my CXN v2 for 3, maybe 4 years now. Im waiting for a CXN v3 or similar, hopefully a CXN V2 but with hdmi eARC and maybe even a selectable subout w/mains highpass.
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    Protection against breaker causing loud noise in speakers?

    With my limited knowledge in the field, I would speculate that the stove tripping the breaker caused the house voltage to temporarily (less than 500ms) skyrocket due to the current drop. This over voltage in the mains caused either the transformer in the amplifier to make the amplifier DC rails...
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    Andrew Jones MoFi Speakers

    mofi what you doing with these smurf accounts maaan /jk
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    New Hypex Nilai500DIY modules )

    I'm assuming they've sent a monoblock to ASR for review? I mean, the marketing payoff is a no brainer.
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    Measuring the "sound signature" of two different integrated amplifiers.

    Yes that disc has many uses beyond measuring audio output.
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