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    Measurements of RME ADI-2 DAC and Headphone Amp

    We will supply a new ADI-2 DAC to ASR, no need to buy one. On the other hand we are not in a hurry to do so, the first batch of units that will arrive in the US will go into sales (hopefully this is understandable). Also everyone knows that Amir is very busy and has a large backlog, so he most...
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    Behringer UMC204 HD Audio Interface Review

    Logic dictates that the tip is the input. And it is in all units that I know of.
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    Measurements of RME ADI-2 DAC and Headphone Amp

    In fact my self-built notch steals about 0.5 dB due to its own noise. The APx555B measured -117.1 dB for fs/2, and -117.5 dB using the widely spread AES17 filter.
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    Review and Measurements of RME ADI-2 DAC

    > How to tell 4493 version apart from 4490 That's easy. First the new one comes with the new remote. Second only the new one has the SD LD filter selectable (it's part of the new chip so can't be added to the old one). And if some day the DAC enters the used market and people still worry we...
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    Of course there is: I think this thread is about tuning. But don't worry, we oldtimers never will get perfect pitch anyway...
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    Measurements of RME ADI-2 DAC and Headphone Amp

    That is interesting to hear. I tried the Hifime when it came out, but it completely failed. This was my statement in the RME forum, dated 21 August 2018: ----------------- And a word of warning: there is a new USB 2 isolator available from HiFime, the cheapest one ever offered...
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    Frequencies below 20hz present in musical recordings.

    The first picture shows a constant DC value from the used ADC. That was quite common in the begining of digital audio, and also typcial in home DAT recorders. These days one often sees this constant DC in DSD recordings, again a problem of the used ADC.
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    Minimum Phase vs Linear Phase

    I reproduced this example in a real world setup. You are right. Although the original sample seems fully ligit the DA filters * cause a peak amplitude that looks like ringing (due to the test signal itself), but is not. A similar, yet not fully identical effect can also be found when playing...
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    RME Adi-2 dac - stepped attenuators - what is the point?

    Remember: we have the lower latency. :p
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    RME Adi-2 dac - stepped attenuators - what is the point?

    People will use the unit very differently, in many different applications and setups. The combined volume control makes sure that the unit delivers the highest SNR at all times. Example: if you set the phones output to Hi-Power and connect a very sensitive headphone you can hear the noise floor...
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    RME dac filter for competitive gaming

    I did, and it made clear to me what you should have mentioned in your post. It's 0.15 seconds, or 150 ms. It won't get quicker.
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    RME dac filter for competitive gaming

    Sorry for the bad formatting. Tab doesn't work and multiple spaces are automatically reduced to one. How to get the above look like a readable table? Edit: Thanks for pointing out the Quote workaround. But much too cumbersome. Next time I will just insert a pic of the table. Edit 2: Value of...
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    RME dac filter for competitive gaming

    It doesn't matter - I will explain. Let's start with a table of the delays caused by the various filters of the ADI-2 DAC, as stated in the AK4490 data sheet: 44.1 kHz 96 kHz 192 kHz SD Sharp 6.25 5.63 5.63 SD Slow 5.3 4.68 4.68 Sharp 29.4...
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    Bruno Putzeys reaches out to the subjectivists

    Fully agree. And: it is very important to me to hear the smallest details then use headphones. No speaker whatsoever would do that in a typical livingroom/home situation.
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    Review and Measurements of Massdrop THX AAA 789 Amp

    A balanced connection always has advantages against unbalanced, mainly hum suppression and much lower ground loop sensitivity. And for these it doesn't matter what the unit does inside ( I would say more than 90% of units with a balanced XLR input go unbalanced inside at some point).
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