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    Kali IN-5 Studio Monitor Review

    Thanks³ for measuring "Boundary" options, great stuff!
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    Speaker Testing: why mono is better

    Conspiracy: Mono is used only to save the poor postal worker's back. And Amir's too ;) I have tried listening/comparing in mono. It is no fun business (as it should be!). My main problem is positioning the speakers, especially with short listening distances around 2 m. When I used my living...
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    Stax vs. HD800?

    Use Variable Smoothing in REW, it prevents high Q filters in the upper frequency range. And please, 50 dB range ;)
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    Stax vs. HD800?

    Lol :D 50 dB range would be more suited indeed.
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    GGNTKT @ Purité Audio

    Not sure about those stands, but I love biga** Neutrik connectors ;)
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    Review Questions for Flagship Processors: Trinnov, Storm, JBL, Lyngdorf, Datasat

    Ok for me, as long as a crossover is applied. I reckon all channels measure same, but you never know.
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    Review Questions for Flagship Processors: Trinnov, Storm, JBL, Lyngdorf, Datasat

    What @RichB said. Testing its crazy four-mic measurment system vs XT32/Dirac/ARC would be great too. Ah and biiiiig thanks to @Spocko !!!
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    Introducing Directiva - An ASR open source platform speaker project

    Great thread! I am still learning to use Akabak/Abec for my hunt after the perfect solution.... at least regarding directivity. Step one is a project similar to Genelec's W371A. Not as tall, but using 14" and 12" too.
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    Stax vs. HD800?

    No bad choice, I like my 990 Pro with eq. A lot of money left to buy music, drinks and great food ;)
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    3e Audio SY-DAP2002 Review (DSP Amplifier)

    Not sure how one can use the DSP interface, via Bluetooth?
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    Stax vs. HD800?

    I use my Lambda Nova Basic + SRM-xH (yeah, the old 'n cheap one) almost for everything, electronic music included. Not perfect, but not too far from it! Measurments by Oratory1990 show a fr somewhat near Harman's
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    Erin's Audio Corner gets a Klippel NFS!

    Oh boi, I guess your garage is not for cars ;-)
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    Unusual Speaker Designs

    Ah, Hugo Boss..... Great stuff! THAT is really cool.
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