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    miniDSP Flex

    Hi guys, How does it work when you buy an used flex with dirac license? What do you need from the seller and what do you need to follow up with minidsp or dirac if anything? Thanks!
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    CamillaDsp Moode not working

    I still use moodeaudio for my headphone and garden rigs. For my main system i use now squeezelite because i was a bit fed up with the upnp apps i needed to use in my phone, but that's a different story that only applies to my personal use case. If you want to go further into the camilladsp world...
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    CamillaDsp Moode not working

    Camilladsp and raspberry pi are in my opinion two of the best things that happened to audio for the budget conscious people. Enjoy!
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    What do you look for in a Home Power Amp , Specs , Aesthetics , Amp Class "A" or "A/B" or "D"

    In this order: - Safety (must have regulatory compliance. No diy or ultracheap unknown stuff) - No hot surfaces (don't want to have to worry nor think about that even one single minute, we are in 2022) - Low power consumption when not playing music - Enough power for me and a bit more in case...
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    CamillaDsp Moode not working

    Sorry, it is "quick convolution filter": And where it says ir left and ir right, you upload your wav files that you generated in rew. The screenshot is taken from here, where you can find additional ingo that can help you (hopefully). Maybe you have a newer version of moode and the looks...
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    CamillaDsp Moode not working

    I hope others chime in because i am far from being an expert, but something calls my attention in your screenshot. It says "parametric eq". Did you select "fast convolution filter" in the audio settings?
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    CamillaDsp Moode not working

    What i do instead of dealing with eq settings etc, and have always worked to me, is: When you are done with your eq in rew, go to the main rew window to the tab where the measurement you have eq is. In the menu, choose export > export filters impulse response as wav Will ask you what sample rate...
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    Topping LA90 Review (Integrated Amplifier)

    It is getting a bit off topic but i find this interesting, please help me to understand, because I have the feeling that the statement in that paper can be easily understood as "any half decent amplifier would do the job" but i think it is not trying to say that (again, this is more a question...
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    "Is Audiophile Snobbery Ruining our Hobby ?"

    I think the graph with all the devices of each class ordered by sinad and with great-poor regions has something to do with that...
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    SMSL DO100 Review (Stereo DAC)

    Nice alternative to the D30pro as balanced dac/pre. A bit more noise but saves you 150 eur. I did order once from them through and they shipped from germany. But i see you have this at
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    New Hypex Nilai500DIY modules )

    Two years warranty is the minimum and most standard in EU, i would say. I don't see implicit that after 2 years they won't repair it, if that's what you mean. I guess they would, but not for free. Think minidsp direct: one year and you pay shipping to asia...
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    RPi Streamer + miniDSP Flex + DAC/HP Amp

    I think what you are trying to achieve can be done with camilladsp changing configurations, but not so sure if you want it simultaneously. And probably could also be done within the flex itself splitting the sub out. But again having to change configs, not simultaneously You can check this out...
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    Minidsp Flex Review (Audio DSP)

    Well, if he has two subs with, say, toslink input and they mix the two channels at input (if such a thing exists), then yes, the flex digital could have a more limited functionality in this case than an analog equivalent. Maybe this is what he means, that the two pairs of channels cannot be...
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    UWAYKEY: Can an $18 Amplifier Be Any Good?

    18$ and still need to find a power supply.... As a Bluetooth amp, the Sabaj @dominikz has just measured seems a better bang for the buck, even measurements aside.
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    Share your in-room measurements?

    Ok, that's how i have done it so far and how it seems logical to me. But sometimes i am tempted to leave a peak in one channel because doing so the measurement of both channels together looks better. But i understand from your answers that i should be looking at channels individually both before...
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