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    Neumann KH80DSP Teardown

    I have seen cheapo Lelon caps in Devialet Phantom Golds and KEF LS50W speakers. The new Sonos Sub has CapXCon as do most of their other speakers although the power stage on their Sonos One is Nichicon (prob varies from manufacturing run though). Funnily enough it’s Apple who ship high quality...
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    Advice on room correction vs new equipment

    A subwoofer will undoubtedly generate more bass than the R900. I noticed though that KEF recommend an amplifier up to 250W in power for the R900. The speaker specs are below - it has a max SPL of 115 dB and 90 dB sensitivity (ref: 2.83V/1meter) - the OPs Denon AVR-X6300H has a specced power...
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    A huge topic of debate? EXPENSIVE SPEAKER STANDS!

    Where'd you hear that? A quick search suggests it's endangered (did not know that) and trade is restricted but not banned. Only other reason I can think of is that they're announcing a Reference Mk2 series as they typically do at a 5 years cadence.
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    How good is your hearing?

    16kHz, 37 years old (with tinnitus).
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    A huge topic of debate? EXPENSIVE SPEAKER STANDS!

    I recommend expensive speaker stands. Heavier the better. Here's what I use - they weigh 100kg each. I wish they weighed more, I'm sure it'd improve the sound quality... ;)
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    Kef r11 vs Dutch 8c for living room

    The KEF Reference 5 is a beast of a speaker and is effectively twice the size and weight of the 8C. It's also not an easy load IIRC so factor in powerful and expensive amplification. It also has a very lovely (and fragile) finish. Slightest knock whilst moving it will chip that gorgeous...
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    Predicted In Room Response?

    Thanks David - I was more trying to understand how the Smoothness PIR is calculated and if it relates to the graph below: Is the maximum value 1.0? Is a higher number 'better'? The Revel Salon 2 for example has a Smoothness of 0.84 but the KEF R3 has a value of 0.89. I love my KEFs but I...
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    Are the homepods a good deal?

    They are very restricted in max SPL - I owned both them and the Sonos One and found they sounded better than the Sonos One by quite a bit. The Sonos One + a sub though was in a different league.
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    Predicted In Room Response?

    Apologies for raising this thread from the dead, but how does that graph relate to the metric given on the Spinorama collection page below where for example the KEF Reference 5 has a Smoothness (PIR) of 0.99:
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    How the heck does Devialet do it?

    So odd the heresay against Devialet Phantoms on this forum. I owned the Devialet Phantom Silvers for several months and the Gold for a year. I had them side by side with my KEF Reference 1 speakers. I also compared them to the older KEF Reference Model 4-2 which has ridiculous specs which rival...
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    How the heck does Devialet do it?

    Fascinating video thanks for sharing that - At 16:50 mark - I cannot believe they’re using cheap Lelon capacitors throughout that speaker.
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    What budget speakers you like to see reviewed?

    Would love to see Sonos, Homepod and Devialet Phantoms measured here. I used to have a tonne of KEF Reference and Bryston gear but swapped over to all in one speakers. Imagine a lot of new audiophiles are heading that way and it's hard to know which of the new gear is fluff or good stuff.
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    Bowers & Wilkins P5 Review (portable headphone)

    Just dusted my old pair off and applied the curve - improvement to bass but either my hearing's going or they sound a touch those looking to buy one today - I think there's better value for money to be had. That said they are very pretty and feel very nicely put together.
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    Best SUB for KEF ls50 wireless II

    KEF have some faults but exaggerating specs is not one of them. They're one of the few speaker makers who post representative numbers. The sub is expensive but it probably has decent class D circuitry unlike the poor quality components their previous Kube range had (causing them to fail after a...
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