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    Behringer DEQ2496 Ultracurve Pro DSP Review

    Thanks, that's good to know - I was mostly hoping to get a performance on par with something like a dbx 223xs for a bit less money but if it's audibly noisy then I'll just spend the extra few bucks. It's also not perfect but should be good enough for me.
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    Behringer DEQ2496 Ultracurve Pro DSP Review

    I'm looking at maybe getting a Behringer CX2310 crossover, I wonder if it's reasonable to expect similar performance to this - they're almost good enough which for the price would probably be okay for me. Sadly Behringer doesn't seem to publish detailed specifications anywhere I can find it.
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    Using large studio monitors as a primary listening system

    Maybe I'm looking at the wrong graphs for the Mackie HR624 but it looks like it gets nowhere near as low as the 308 does in my experience. 824 seems more on par.
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    Master "deals" (massdrop, ebay, Amazon, etc.) Thread on Audio Product Sales

    Good thing I spent my audio budget for this month or else I'd probably not be able to hold back... and I don't even need it. Also shenzhenaudio has the same prices on their website with free worldwide shipping, so it's not even US only(obviously usual customs and tariffs apply).
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    Magico Ultimate vs Magico M6

    Do they still make the Ultimate? You can't get to its product page from the main page of Magico website. The current flagship seems to be the M9:
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    What items have you purchased as a result of ASR?

    If your setup uses a Windows PC as a source, all you need besides REW is Equalizer APO. Here's a very simple and easy to follow video that got me started: I use Peace GUI with Equalizer APO, but that's optional.
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    Share your in-room measurements?

    Got the subwoofer in. JBL 308p mk. II + SVS SB12-NSD - same methodology, 6 measurement average around listening position, 1/6 smoothing, but this time EQ to a generic harman house curve. All EQ generated by REW, don't have the time to play with it too much, and I want to decide first if I like...
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    Best way to connect sub

    The problem with that is that XLR equipped studio subwoofers with built in crossover usually come with a price premium large enough that buying an external crossover and a regular subwoofer often comes out cheaper. But I can't also recommend buying one of the few subs with RCA crossover...
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    Subwoofers & Midrange Quality

    I was just about to make the same thread :) Just got my subwoofer yesterday, integrated it somewhat(still some smoothing to be done) and with music, rather than noticing the sub 40Hz frequencies I was missing, I'm mostly noticing improvement in mids, as well as improved bass quality that I was...
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    Enermax DreamBass Genie Dac & Amp Review

    Exactly - whenever I think "maybe all that hifi stuff is just placebo" I just connect my headphones to the headphone jack build into my PC monitor and get brought back to reality by what really bad audio sounds like.
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    New Q Active 200 and Q Active 400 from Q Acoustics

    I love the aesthetics of the small ones, particularly with these stands. Wonder how they'll perform, I appreciate all non standard designs. Probably won't be cheap either way because I tried seeing if they sell those stands on their own and they're $999 a pair. EDIT: Actually never mind, the...
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    Multiple shallow subs

    Wait really? I didn't catch that before. Wow, that makes the SVS SB-12NSD that I've been eyeing even more of a steal.
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    What electronic audio products you want tested most

    Other than the iFi Hip Dac another new portable DAC/Amp I'd like to see measurements of is the Fiio Q3 - $149, THX, specs seem to be in the same general ballpark as the Topping NX4/iFi Hip Dac. Includes both 2.5 and 4.4mm outputs which is neat at this price point.
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    Used Focal Elear - how risky?

    I think you'll be good, if it didn't crap out yet it's probably one of the good ones. For what it's worth I love my Elears, I tried to EQ them both to harman and just to remove the 5k dip but ended up going back to stock, for me they sound great out of the box.
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    Used Focal Elear - how risky?

    The risk of failure is high enough that Focal had to extend the warranty, but if it lasted 4 years with no issues, it's probably less likely to develop them than a new pair. How good is the good price? I paid $400 new for my pair of Elears, and ~$100 for shipping and customs(imported from the...
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