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    Wife finds theatre too loud. Bumming me out! How can I make it 5db quieter for only her?

    Turn down the volume and get yourself some hearing aids. Happy wife, happy life!
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    Vanity Pro HDMI Audio Extractor

    Any chance of ADAT output?
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    Best cheap USB-C headphone dongles?

    I received my CX31993 dongle today. Sounds great to me and plenty loud enough. Can't go wrong for $10!
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    Best cheap USB-C headphone dongles?

    Wasn't the OP was looking for cheap dongles...
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    Best cheap USB-C headphone dongles?

    I've just ordered one of these CX31993 based dongles...
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    VTV AMPLIFIER Stereo Purifi Audio 1ET400A - Which input Buffer?

    I have the VTV Purifi amp with the stock Hypex buffer and it sounds great. Amir measured various buffers and found them to be no better, so save your money.
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    Extreme Snake Oil

    Absolute BS from The Music Room - who should know better! "At the top of the high-end audio cable landscape live some amazing products that can have as significant an impact on a system as any electronics upgrade. Sometimes, a cable change -- whether a single set or an entire loom -- can even...
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    My current favorite bass track... Fat Freddy's Drop - "Ray Ray" Album - Based on a True Story
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    The Purifi Eigentakt Is My Dream Amplifier

    Yes! Mainly due to the very low intermodular distortion IMHO. Living the (Purifi) dream...
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    Speaker Placement Question

    All the surfaces of a room color the sound to some extent. Your job is to mitigate that as best you can, by using good speaker and listener placement, and by acoustically treating the room.
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    Speaker Placement Question

    This is a good article on speaker placement...
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    Speaker Placement Question

    Unless you can move your speakers more than 3m into the room, then the front of the speaker should be less than 1m from the front wall. This raises the frequency of boundary interference effects, so that they are easier to control with absorbing material placed on the wall behind the front...
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    16 Channel Dirac Processor (Real or Fake?)

    It looks like a clone of a Monolith HTP-1, in which case it is overpriced!
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