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    Wild places, post em if you got em...

    With you, on the weather the day before I took this never seen such rain. An amazing place perfect for Landscape photography.
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    Wild places, post em if you got em...

    Skye same shoot but colour
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    Wild places, post em if you got em...

    Isle of Skye
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    Songs that sound better in in lossless vs compressed streaming

    Spot on with the idea of lossless I’m fretting with the complexity of my system re using Roon to dlna hi res to my modest KEF LSXs and HD6XX Topping E30/A50s when I know I can’t hear any difference but can’t help but feel I’m missing out on something. This gets me in a position where I’m...
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    Artists You Have Discovered Lately

    From the Diamond Mine Album, A beautiful album
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    Artists You Have Discovered Lately

    From Parallels: Shellac Reworks
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    Thoughts on new set up re streaming services and home streaming

    Hi Love the site so refreshing and it has helped me re-kindle my love for music. I've recently purchased the Topping and A50s and the E30 that drives my HD6XX great combination. I'm though descending into the typical neurotic bloke about the next steps. I already had the Kef LSXs as all of...
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    Search box iOS iPhone

    Don’t know if anyone else is finding this but the forum search box on the iPhone seems to be temperamental. You have to try multiple times to enter text, iPad iOS works fine. iOS 14.5 but been like this on previous versions. Fantastic site reflects my suspicions over many years and I’m now a...
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    Audio Blind Tests and Listener Training (video)

    Fantastic video probably the most informative Hi-Fi video I’ve watched and your balance adds so much to your credibility. Confirmed that I wasn’t going mad. So many times I’ve listened to different sources such as Apple Music vs hi-res Qobuz and really struggled to hear anything different. This...
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