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    Dirac measurement beginner questions

    Thanks again for the input here! I made some new measurements. The most successful one was with first position where my head usually is, then covering all points with rather larger distances (45cm?) between them. I left out the 4 rear points that would be directly on the wall. With this...
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    New Neumann MA 1 - Automatic Monitor Alignment

    You guys think they'll do a stand-alone version of the DSP, like with Genelec GLM? Basically a small box I could just put between preamp and speakers, or put into the preamp's tape loop? I'm curious to try Neumann's room correction for my KH310, but I don't want a subwoofer in my small room...
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    Dirac measurement beginner questions

    Wow thanks! I'll try measuring with these hints next. 1. Noise floor was actually at -50db when I set the mic gain to the maximum +20db, but I was unsure if this maximum setting might have any disadvantages. 2. I will try with less points at more "realistic" positions (not at seating cushion...
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    Dirac measurement beginner questions

    Hi there, I've been reading ASR for over a year now. Such a helpful page! One of the things it inspired me to is trying out room correction. I have a pair of Neumann KH310 (great speakers!), in a relatively small room (15m²) and positioned not quite symmetrical - one is closer to a wall with...
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    Easiest way to play from hard drive without PC

    Hello, I'm a long term lurker on ASR thanks to the wealth of knowledge on here. It's a great site! Now I'd like to get some direct input. With the perpetual Covid lockdowns and winter, I figured this is the perfect opportunity to finally rip my collection of about 500 CDs to an external hard...
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