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    Qudelix is developing a MiniDSP destroyer.

    I know there has not been a post in this thread since december 2021, but I wonder when this T71 unit will be released. Supposedly it would be released early on 2022, according to their website.
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    Are there no cheaper alternatives to the HD 800s?

    One alternative is trying to get the HD 800 (the previous model) in the second-hand market. I got mine some days ago after winning an auction on eBay and I have been using them since then. Currently, I have them equalized to the Harman target provided by Oratory1990. They are comfy, but so far...
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    Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound processing in Headphones

    Yesterday I received the head tracker for Redscape, which I am using together with the software while listening to some stereo music at this very precise moment. The two together are doing a pretty decent job at externalizing the sound out of my head. Since I wrote the above line about Redscape...
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    Dan Clark Audio AEON RT Review (closed headphone)

    Unless it is not in good condition, my answer is yes.
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    Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound processing in Headphones

    Since it has been mentioned, I have to say that I have owned a license of Redscape for quite some time now, and really, I never liked it much. On the other hand, the much cheaper Waves NX App for Windows and Mac, for which I also own a license, sounds way better in my case. I also owned the...
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    List of Amir's Headphone PEQ filters

    It is a relatively common occurrence that Equalizer APO stops working with Windows updates or audio device driver updates. It has just happened to me that after updating the drivers of my onboard audio device, Equalizer APO has stopped working. The solution in my case: uninstall it completely...
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    Audio Transparency, File Format and Bitrate Survey

    Personally, I pick MP3 VBR -V0, which is not listed. It is as good as CBR 320 kbps and smaller in file size.
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    List of Amir's Headphone PEQ filters

    Honestly, I think that those filters, with those gains, should make a noticeable difference in sound. If you can't hear a difference when you apply them, my bet is that your EQ is not working properly.
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    List of Amir's Headphone PEQ filters

    @Mr4nT4r Well, that is strange indeed. With a negative gain of 8.5 dB in the preamp section, you should hear a difference between having the eq ON and OFF very clearly. EDIT: Why do you not try what I suggested in my previous post? You have nothing to lose really.
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    List of Amir's Headphone PEQ filters

    Which equalizer are you using? If it is Equalizer APO, you may need to enable the troubleshooting options on its configurator and try installing it on your device as SFX/MFX or SFX/EFX (experimental). In my case, neither the recommended LFX/GFX nor SFX/MFX worked. Switching to SFX/EFX...
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    Dan Clark Stealth Review (State of the Art Headphone)

    The Aeon RT can only be bought directly from Dan Clark Audio's website. Before I bought mine, I asked them about where to buy them in Europe and that is the answer I received.
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    Headphone innovations over the last 5 years

    That made me think... To the former group belongs the popular Smyth Realiser, right? It seems to work wonders for all I could read or hear about them. Another product which is based on mic measurements is the DIY software Impulcifer, which I plan to try in the coming months. Regarding the...
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    Calibration tool for Headphone + Hearing capability

    Hello everybody, I discovered this thread very recently. I installed the Peace GUI in order to try this headphone and hearing calibration tool with my pair of Takstar HF 580, because they definitely need equalization, there are no EQs widely available for them and I do not know how to create a...
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    Dan Clark Audio AEON RT Review (closed headphone)

    The RT (Re-Tuned) version can only be bought directly from the manufacturer's website ( I bought mine from there. As I live in Spain (Europe), I had to pay the corresponding import fees. The Aeon RT Closed are absolutely fantastic by the way, especially after being properly...
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    One question I am very curious about audiophiles.

    Only one headphone of course. What is the point of having multiple cans if you can only listen to the same album time and time again?
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