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    Amp for the Denon 3600

    Have you by the way checked all settings in Denon? There might still be something to adjust - speaker level settings, room eEQ, input-related level adjust, quiet mode, spl limiting, signal compression etc. Pure/Direct sometimes help, but go to speaker settings first!
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    Amp for the Denon 3600

    Are you sure? Wharfedale is 87dB/1W and most likely not a difficult load. Recommended Amplifier Power25-120W Peak SPL105dB You can get some extra dB to break your speakers easier with this
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    Amp for the Denon 3600

    What's wrong with it's built-in discrete amps?
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    [No Politics] What you need to know about CoVID-19 by SARS-CoV-2 [No Politics]

    Masks etc. must be used and handled properly, and it's not easy. (I've been doing this professionally for almost 40 years...) Best practice is is to keep distance and wash hands frequently. If one...
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    ASR reccomended external crossovers?

    If "them" is JBL 4367, I guess no. But in general definitely yes! Most commercial loudspeakers are not optimized to their full potential, that would mean too much work in the lab and too complex/expensive crossovers. One thing is that designers are trying to get the "house sound" apparent.
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    KEF Q350 Speaker Review

    When we look at step response of speakers, first we must know how many "ways" there are. Then the shape can tell what alignment it uses, at each xo (acoustically). Q350 is typical and good 2nd LR alignment 2-way. Check time scale too (x-axis)...
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    ASR reccomended external crossovers?

    Yep, and that was in 2004. Seriously, dsp-xo and eq is not easy, you must learn to take valid measurements and understand basics of loudspeaker and crossover design. There are ready-made dsp-xos for only some specific commercial and diy speakers. ps. Real bi-amping audiophiles also know how to...
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    KEF Q350 Speaker Review

    But then that is a 3-way speaker! No 1000Hz leaking out from port.
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    KEF Q350 Speaker Review

    Yes, and notice the last updates of Musings by Olive - date and topics About directivity and preference. Seems to me that USA people prefer wide and smooth directivity and Europeans narrow and smooth. Asians are not systematic (in my view at least...). This might...
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    KEF Q350 Speaker Review

    Two way BR speakers really do have problems with port noise around 1kHz. Studies usually concentrate on what happens around tuning frequency and about max pressure/spl fow characteristics. A bent port and placement of the inner orifice are crucial to noise, and in practise you must just try...
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    JBL XPL90 Speaker Review

    The reason why this vertical off-axis null shows at different angle may come from NFS interpolation to different distance in different tables/pots. At 3kHz wavelength is so short that even few degrees make a difference. And obviously acoustic slopes aren't perfectly symmetric and timing is not...
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    Nikon 120-300 f/2.8 Lens Teardown.

    Heh, me too! Just an amateur but a Nikon fan... I used to love Pentaxes when I was young and innocent.
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    Revel F208 Tower Speaker Review

    Using phase info and playing with it in simulations is something I'm not capable of doing. but I have vivid imagination so I've been just guessing where the poor bass response of towers in Amir's NFS comes from. My exlanation is that because Amir doesn't use Multiplexer add-on, nearfield scan...
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    Laurence Dickie (Vivid Audio) Video Interview

    More about Vivid B1 and it's bass peculiarities Still, averaged in-room responses were acceptable looking
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