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    My Dog - pet thread

    My sweetie Willa, she's now 6½y and has zero interest in music - live or replayed.
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    March Audio Sointuva

    Remember to click " I'm not a robot" Wg version looks best to me
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    Cover me I'm going in! - Post your favorite song covers.

    I just love female voices, and Aili Ikonen is one of the best! here with Jukka Perko's band Avara, featuring the stars of Finnish Jazz! Windmills of Your Mind
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    Show us your Cars

    Congrats Frank, I just had to login for this! Taycan 4S won the Finnish winter car test this year with highest points ever!,c3304775 And what comes to Yaris GR, it...
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    Infinity RS152 Review (Surround Speaker)

    I will comment my exit this one time. Even before Amir started testing speakers I presented (in his thread about starting or not) scepticism or even warning of opening and stepping in this can of worms and snakes, ie. criticism and strong opinions. An in my opinion my apocalypse has pretty much...
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    Infinity RS152 Review (Surround Speaker)

    OK, I'll quit posting totally. I tried to delete my account, but seems like I'm not smart enough to do that. Goodbye!
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    Infinity RS152 Review (Surround Speaker)

    The big picture is, that 90% of people reading/following or occasionally passing by ASR tests, don't understand the problemacy associated with loudspeaker measurements, and they look at only the first test post and perhaps 2-3 after that. This lack of in-room (installed per instructions)...
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    Infinity RS152 Review (Surround Speaker)

    Perhaps it's just me, but I I think that now discussion is mixing potatos and tomatos. Klippel NFS gives 3D soundfield data that is same as anechoic free-field sound dispersion of the unit. That "raw data" is very good, reliable and informative per se. Directivity overlays and spectrograms are...
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    Infinity RS152 Review (Surround Speaker) I believe that bipoles are mentioned only because they are so...
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    Infinity RS152 Review (Surround Speaker)

    My thinking about these bipoles go like this: They were invented during the early days of multichannel movies and Dolby ProLogic etc. matrix. They are said to produce wide and diffuse sound, so every seat has better listening balance. They actually do that, create a spacious and diffuse sound...
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    So, why is it that active floor standers are so rare?

    Except that actives perform better than passives, in many cases. Naturally it is not because they are active (amped), but because they have been designed well and use dsp.
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    So, why is it that active floor standers are so rare?

    yes, restorer-john's specs are crazy. But everyone draws the line somewhere... The major reason for unpopularity of floorstandig actives (IMO obviously) is "hifi cult" For many decades hifi media and many manufacturers have been feeding the myth of how significant audible differencies lie in...
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    Weird Cars Thread

    Yes that Subaru minivan looks really cute, we have one around here. Old Suzuki Jimny 4x4 is bigger but not as roomy.
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    Bass Response Correction for Klippel NFS Measurements

    Well, perhaps it is business logic... These addon modules are pretty expensive, I believe (Amir said?) ...
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