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    Realistic 42-2101A Review (Vintage Phono Stage)

    To me this is thousand times more informative and interesting test than the thousanth dac or 2-way speaker test! But where is the RIAA correction?
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    Garaca & Netrebko - Lakme
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    KEF Unicore

    I was looking at the video, cone seems to be rocking quite a lot despite the origami surround... Lots of presets but no DSP, Joe Average should read the manual carefully!
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    Female Vocals: Stunning Recordings You Love

    A sidekick - Alpenzusjes
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    MiniDSP UMIK X USB Multichannel Microphone Array Review

    I'm waving my arm when I do MMM/RTA measurement around my spot. UMIK-X isn't obviously trying to replicate MMM with it's small grid, but only...
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    MiniDSP UMIK X USB Multichannel Microphone Array Review

    Do you think that the grid is wide enough? When I wave my arm around the diameter is 1,2m ...
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    Weird Cars Thread

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    A Call For Humor!

    You mean the right hand?
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    Fuiste tú - Ricardo Arjona & Gaby Moreno Time to Say Goodbye - Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman
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    Weird Cars Thread

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    What are we listening to right now..

    R.I.P. Pekka "Pave" Maijanen 1950-21
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    KEF Unicore
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    KEF Unicore

    I don't think it is so simple. Moving mass inertia gets nulled yes, but higher order resonances and vibrations in driver chassis, cone and loudspeaker enclosure will remain. But for a subwoofer, inertia nulling is a major benefit.
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    Horn Speakers - Is it me or....... Not the best Ava I guess. Step response not shown...
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