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    Artists You Have Discovered Lately

    Morgan James is just an unbelievable singer! I just listened to her album Reckless Abandon on Spotify Here she's covering Aretha
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    Listening Room Configuration and Treatment

    Dialectic, if I was you I would set the speakers on the long wall - now your triangle is very narrow. I prefer equilateral triangle RT is high, furniture and perhaps room treatment is needed. The room is rectangular with straight walls which is easy for modes! The window on one side wall will...
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    Listening Room Configuration and Treatment

    My room and placement - on the long wall. Listening spot is too close to back wall, but the chair is movable
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    So closed box speakers are pretty much a dead?

    Magicos are sealed too Many subwoofers too
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    Discussion: How important is smooth vertical directivity?

    More from Sean in his blog
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    Speaker Blind Listening Comparisons: Methodology Discussion

    Echo and Snarfie, of course you can run your test any way you like. Just carefully describe your methods! It is my problem, that I want to see both standardized measurements and listening impression of speakers, without any eq or subs. Using eq and subs will just eliminate perhaps 90% of...
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    Speaker Blind Listening Comparisons: Methodology Discussion

    My sister, wife or neighbours wouldn't understand anything of what you wrote!
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    Speaker Blind Listening Comparisons: Methodology Discussion

    Making eq and using subs makes listening tests almost useless for most other people! Vast majority of people don't have any eq and perhaps some random poor quality subs. Listening tests should be done in same room, same placement, standard spl level without eq, and several listeners giving...
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    Speaker Blind Listening Comparisons: Methodology Discussion

    Different speakers means different crossover topology, which means different step response, which means phase mismatch, which means destroyed imaging as pair. This applies also to 5.1 system's L/C/R speakers!
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    In perfect harmony - no matter which tuning and distortion profile! Love and Peace :)
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    Cover me I'm going in! - Post your favorite song covers.

    Elvis Presley - Kiss Me Quick
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    Ciúnas ISO-DAC USB DAC Teardown #2

    Why? The purity of sound! A fundamental feature of the Ciunas line of products (Ciunas DAC & SPDIF) is the use of a very safe battery technology ( now supercapacitor) that allows direct powering of digital circuits. This direct power (no voltage regulator on the output)...
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    Reminded me of this saga One of the interesting discoveries made in 1992 when the tapes were first exhumed, was that Side 1 of the stereo issue, consisting of the tracks recorded at the first session, So What...
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