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    Who makes the most solid bookshelf enclosure?

    I guess if you believe Ascend Acoustics claims then their 3/4" bamboo enclosures are as good as something like 3" thick mdf.
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    The wealth-building thread

    Don't these provide liquidity for the crypto market?
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    Worth Repairing Old Receiver? 12 year old Yammy

    I have a Yamaha RX-A3000 receiver circa 2010 that has developed a high pitched whine out of its internals, I guess it's some kind of coil whine. This was the flagship receiver at the time. The issue is not only is it loud (audible from about 6 feet away), it's also a variable sound so it draws...
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    The wealth-building thread

    What are your thoughts on stablecoins? With the crypto market crashing any of you considering rotating your cypto portfolio into some interest accruing stablecoins instead?
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    Revel - Big Price Increase

    Courageous if you are a capital owner yes, not for labor. Paul Volcker did that expressly to kill the labor movement and unionized labor. That marked the end of the Great Compression and the begining of what we call the era of Neoliberalism.
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    Revel - Big Price Increase

    What I don’t get is why American manufacturers even bother when they can get practically free labor in the US through leasing prison labor thanks to the 13th amendment. Other than bad publicity maybe…[I know the legalities would require exporting the goods so they would have to be for sale...
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    Kef Reference 1 vs LS50M w subs

    You do realize the listening window is not the same thing as the power response, right?
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    Kef Reference 1 vs LS50M w subs

    The Reference series are more laid back than the LS50 or the R series, with a couple db more treble roll off.
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    Genelec The Ones woofer creases/tearing mystery solved

    You should see the [lack of] QA on the appearance of Revel woofers...
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    20 year old flagship speaker vs today's best $2500 or under?

    I'm talking apples to apples. Sure anyone can find a chungus speaker that had a lot of bass back then and say it has more bass than a bookshelf speaker made today does. A 2-way with a 5" woofer today of any specific volume has way more bass than the designs that came out of the 2000s or 90s...
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    20 year old flagship speaker vs today's best $2500 or under?

    Older speakers tended to have less bass so will sound quite lean relative to modern designs, I guess besides Dynaudio speakers which have always had chonky bass. But blended with subs I doubt you will be able to tell the difference assuming you aren't sitting nearfield.
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    Kef to announce new products?

    I'd agree if only because the LSX sucks with its weird connectivity, standby timeouts, and also the worst is the high pitched ringing coming out of the tweeter. That said, it's about somewhere between a Genelec 8020 and 8030 in size, both of which score much higher in preference score (5.5 and...
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    Genelec Certified Pre-owned Thread

    Interesting, will be interesting to see how the prices shake out. Genelec pre-owned market is very interesting. On ebay Genelec speakers tend to sell more like other monitors (50-70% of msrp), but on other sites (gearslutz, audiogon, audiomart, forums etc) people tend to list used Genelec...
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    KEF R3 vs Revel M106

    M106 is a 1" tweeter with a 6.5" mid, you are gonna have to expect some directivity issues. The M105 on the other hand, has much better directivity but is much more bass light than the R3. M105 + a sub can be competitive with the R3, but I think the M106 is going to fall behind.
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    Passive Bookshelf Speakers ~$3k (Desk)

    Gem2s are too big for for desk speakers--I've tried before. You don't really want to listen to a 3-way dome and cone speaker nearfield. Most of those are designed for acoustic summation to occur at around 3 meters or so, so I would probably cross off the Tempesta too. A coaxial speaker or a...
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