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    High frequency roll-off with DIRAC Live Processor

    I would imagine there would be no audible difference since they is barely any content in most music above 8k in most music, but have you tried gating corrections above 10k? Does that still cause an FR drop-off?
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    KEF Reference 1 META Bookshelf Speaker Review by Erin's Audio Corner

    Toe-in was a strategy designed to deal with speakers that have non-uniform dispersion to get as much of the on-axis response as possible. This wasn't a problem until the wide baffle 3-way designs fell out of favor in the late 70s for smaller and more decor friendly designs in the 80s onwards...
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    Do DSP-free, passive monitors hold any advantage over active monitors?

    Lower idle noise floor generally. Passive crossover networks soak up alot of the noise floor. The passive hiss coming out of a $200 pair of speakers with some cheap AV receiver is going to be lower for nearfield use than even $100,000 active speakers because with high end actives the amps are...
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    Revel M105 Experiment

    I think NHT used to do this and put a large amount of foam surrounding their drivers.
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    Great speakers, cheap drivers?

    I think the Swan D2.1 was a popular speaker back in the day (mid 2000s) using drivers that were just a couple bucks a piece.
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    Passive Bookshelf Speakers ~$3k (Desk)

    Domes and especially ribbons usually don't perform very well near-field compared to coaxials due to vertical axis issues. Although if you can get the tweeters to ear-level I suppose that would alleviate those concerns.
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    Kef LS50 meta (+ sub + Benchmark AHB2) or Genelec 8331a (+ sub)

    KEF has about 10 degrees narrower dispersion in the high frequency range, and it also has somewhat less energy in the lower mids. Will sound in general more laid back than the Genelecs.
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    KEF R3 OR BOWER & WILKINS S706 s2 ???

    The KEFs because they have uniform dispersion. They can be EQed however way you like if you don't like the default response. You can't fix a speaker with directivity problems like the B&Ws.
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    KEF Reference 1 META Bookshelf Speaker Review by Erin's Audio Corner

    Got the Reference 1 Meta, it sounds quite a bit brighter than the older Reference 1. Did a quick measure with Dirac Live. Seems like the 200-1K range is a lot flatter, which gives it a bit less "meaty" sound, it sounds a lot leaner as a result. My sense is also the dispersion seems a tad...
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    Revel F226Be vs KEF Reference 1 Meta

    I think a dome tweeter with a waveguide + separate midrange has a lot more dynamic headroom than a concentric design so I would lean towards that for home theater. KEF for me with its more narrow dispersion and less diffuse soundstage makes for a better small listening room 2 channel setup. I...
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    Is it worth getting a Kef R3, already have the Revel M 106

    It’s brighter on axis. But the Revels clearly have a brighter power response in the treble due to its wider dispersion. It just means he prefers more diffuse (indirect) sound vs direct sound it sounds like to me.
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    KEF Reference 1 META Bookshelf Speaker Review by Erin's Audio Corner

    Are these effects even audible at normal listening levels? It would be useful if they described at what decibel levels these would be an issue.
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    KEF Reference 1 META Bookshelf Speaker Review by Erin's Audio Corner

    The original reference series had narrower dispersion than the R series. So this update seems primarily to increase the high frequency dispersion of the Reference series by maybe around 5 degrees or so, bringing it at least on par with the improvements from the R series. I would expect relative...
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    Again: Best sounding (hifi) speakers for my tiny desk

    If you have a low noise floor, active components are always going to create noise. Its a never ending battle. Get a fanless pc on an equipment rack, put your passive speaker amp far away on said rack, and now you start hearing the coil whine from your monitor's ac adaptor on the floor lol...
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    Revel bookshelf comparison of M16's to M105's

    Most of the time you are buying more for aesthetics than performance with higher end offerings.
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