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    WiiM Pro Streamer

    Thanks, it will work on android 7 and above so compatible with my phone, great.
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    WiiM Pro Streamer

    Anyone know the spec on the eq? graphic or parametric? and what version of android is needed to use it ( able to install app)?
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    WiiM Mini Streamer

    Is this device able to stream music players like poweramp etc?
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    S.M.S.L DA-9 vs AO200?

    I get the same, I am also presuming its normal for this amp.
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    miniDSP Flex

    Am I correct in assuming that using a minidsp flex would mean that I could mostly forgo room treatment ( bass traps/acoustic panels etc) also does anyone know if Dirac can be added at a later date if required?
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    miniDSP Flex

    Pity, I was hoping that I could just use the flex with my smsl AO200 and have sub integration. Is it still possible by turning the integrated amps volume up and using the flex as a preamp?
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    Beer thread, what you drinkin..

    I shall be having one of these later. robust, strongly hopped. Even nicer straight from the cask.
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    Looking for small active STEREO speakers I can throw in a carry on bag and travel with

    I have the original non bluetooth versions, good sound with lots of versatility, add a sub, eq app, vwired if required, very robust. Don't know if they reach the audiophile quality requirement though
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    What are the things you wish you knew when starting out in this hobby?

    If the electronics in the speakers are good enough then all well and good, my concern would be if it developed a fault and potential difficulty getting repairs.
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    Whats your favorite Music App for Android?

    I'm looking for a player that can use tidal for casting to google chromecast audio with eq, Does Uapp do this and if so is it dependant on the android version that the phone supports?
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    Snake Oil Department, Top This

    Wow he found it really good though, "In general, and in comparison to the others in house, the T2S Stabilizer gave me more of what I enjoy about the vinyl experience—my soundstage was wider, deeper, imaging was crackerjack, and timbral accuracy uncanny. At first needle drop, the sound seemed...
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