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    Check the new Aiyima A300 balanced amplifier out!

    What op-amps are you using/do you recommend for an Aiyima a07, Ben? Just curious.
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    music that sounds good and music that sounds bad

    Suggest you listen to different types of music with your equipment, not just vocal music...that may help you decide whether equipment is an issue rather than music type. "Bad" recordings are bad recordings even if played on good equipment... Highly-compressed modern commercial recordings will...
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    GR Research LGK 2.0 Speaker Review (A Joke)

    Back in the 70s, the Bose 901s were the 'Eames Lounge Chair' of speakers...definitely seen as a "serious" if very design-forward speaker choice. Just thinking about having to refoam all of those drivers though...ergh...apart from sound, ownership today not for the faint of heart.
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    How good is the science on people's ability to differentiate Hi-Res audio?

    Yeah, what he said. I'm still on Spotify mostly because my wife is all comfy with their interface, and while I did trials with Qobuz and Amazon, could not hear a difference on material that I know well. So, fine for now. I continue to hope that Spotify will be forced to add a higher resolution...
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    20 year old flagship speaker vs today's best $2500 or under?

    I am currently using my old Polk Monitor 5jr+ speakers for nearfield listening in my office setup at home. Purchased in 1987 when we bought our first house. They still sound great and have needed service over the years. I'm a big fan of rubber surrounds. I can re-foam and have...
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    Why aren't cinemas targeting sub 20hz response?

    And, of course, there was this equipment effort back in the day...
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    SMSL DO100 DAC & HO100 Headphone amp

    I got mine yesterday from Amazon...all good so far. I need to test with higher volume today and play with the tone control (though I will probably leave flat most of the time). I like the remote and setup was easy. Fast hooking to the internal bluetooth connection. I like that you can set the...
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    SMSL DO100 DAC & HO100 Headphone amp

    I pulled the switch on the AO100 as the Amazon price was good...will be interesting to compare to my other D amps. See what SMSL can do at that price level these days. I am still using some old SA-50s from time to time that I think use the 7492 chip. The nice thing about the 50s are plenty of...
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    Schiit Freya+ Pre-amp Review

    Tubes...ha. Solid state tubes? Double ha. Overall I am a Schiit booster but some of the higher-up products leave me scratching my head. A muddled mix of "the people demand it" and "gee, that would be interesting to build". I think eventually I will want to get a Saga S preamp just for the...
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    Blown Speaker? No, Oxidized terminals.

    Very good to know, thanks for posting. Have not experienced this but I have a lot of vintage speakers that I rotate through, so will watch for this.
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    Schiit Audio? Ok.

    I'm in advertising too. I think the name is a very smart play, and they have fun with it, adding in all of the Norse-themed product names. And as you noted, the products just have the nice tasteful logo on the front. I love their promo copy. I have and use the Magni headphone amps (v2 and v3)...
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    SMSL DO100 DAC & HO100 Headphone amp

    I'm thinking of pulling the switch on a SMSL AO100 amp - anyone have one yet? Measurements, impressions? This would be nice for my dining room setup with the integrated BT, integrated power (no power brick) and the remote... Speakers would be my KEF Coda 7s.
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    A bit confused

    I still use Spotify as my streamer, as my wife (who asks for very little, audio-wise and in other ways) likes it. I vary between using a Schiit Modi 3 dac (caps at 24 bit) and JDS Labs Atom+ (caps at 32 bit) and I hear no difference in my systems. I did use 3-month trials of TIdal and Qobuz and...
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    A bit confused

    Have you played with the selector knob on the back of the speakers? I see from photos there is a control there that allows one to adjust the mid-hi response curve? Seeing what those cost per pair, and then the amp on top of that, kind of a bummer that you have the hearing issue and have to work...
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    Chord DAVE Review (DAC & HP Amp)

    I find all their designs (case and the the UI, for this one) incredibly weird and off-putting, on top of the expense and the medium level performance...
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