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    Which multichannel music upmixer do you like ? has a Mch radio stream that uses Penteo together with the Orban processor. Sounds great.
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    JazzGroove Multichannel Radio

    Since years I am looking for a streaming service or a radio that sends Multichannel streams, preferably Jazz. Yesterday may dream came true: I discovered JazzGroove: This is a great Jazzstation even without Multichannel stream - but they do Multichannel too. Their Mix1...
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    Apple lossless official announcement

    Thanks for that, very informative. I tried Tidal for a while because of their Atmos offering. I hoped, that there would be a Mch base that I could simply play by feeding the PC’s HDMI output into my Oppo103. That did work. Either because there was no Mch base nowhere in those Atmos files or...
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    Digital vs Vinyl

    For me having been a young audiophile during the 70s it was always clear that vinyl is a huge problem. People making tape recordings at home from live or properly taped concerts broadcasted via FM always knew that this was much better than vinyl. People became desperate and developed tangential...
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    Apple lossless official announcement

    Are you sure - source?
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    Review: ProStudioMasters High-res Music Distribution Service

    I can not see any Mch titles. Oh je, 21st Century and still on Stereo...
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    Some comments from Floyd Toole about room curve targets, room EQ and more

    This goes much beyond the „house“ curve which just happens to illuminate the issue.
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    Some comments from Floyd Toole about room curve targets, room EQ and more

    .... sugarcoating. The same can be said about Sweet dessert. And yes, the low frequency part of the untrained people‘s preferred curve is almost identical to the FletcherHenderson curve at 70-80 dB. Again, the said Diagramm is a testimony that we do have a two-tier audio market. And the Forum...
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    Sennheiser consumer sellout?

    Whatever „skills“ means.
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    Some comments from Floyd Toole about room curve targets, room EQ and more

    I have commented that room curve in another thread in a quite impolite way and try again here: Why is it that untrained listeners want 10 dB more treble and bass? Can people that know the details comment on these untrained listeners? Otherwise, is it not bizarre to exclude those listener‘s taste...
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    Improve Raspberry 4 streamer

    Hifiberry argues, that an internal DAC minimizes digital conversions They may have point. On the other side, an Apple USB-C 3.5mm DAC is cool and minimalistic. Everything between these solutions carries the danger of approaching the glamour...
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    Pro-ject Phono Box DS2 USB Phono Stage Review

    I meant digital room correction, feeding the ADC signal into a NanoAvr via HDMI.
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    What is your favorite house curve

    While it is not possible to boost frequencies above 13 kHz by 30db or more for compensation, a more gentle boost of 6-10 dB at 11 kHz or 4-6 at 9 kHz is doable with some loudspeakers. That will not bring back the hearing capacity of younger years but a taste of it which suffices at least in my...
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    If that works, then one could try the same with REW and a microphone and Roon (or any other combo). First checking the Tinnitus by adjusting the threshold volume for a range of frequencies while checking the level with a microphone. And then designing a filter that would further reduce the...
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