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    Matrix Audio Mini-i Pro 3 Review (Streamer & DAC)

    Impedance of the headphone out sucks since the very first version of the mini-i, which makes the unit unusable as a neutral source for a wide variety of phones. If you don't care and also do not need digital out to drive monitors with digital in this is a great unit. Not true for me, unfortunately.
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    Matrix Audio Mini-i Pro 3 Review (Streamer & DAC)

    Happened to me with an Emotiva DAC and rendered the unit unusable. They sent replacement free of charge and I think they double check the voltage setting now before shipping outside the US.
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    PSB M4U 1 Review (headphone)

    Wonder how these would measure with news pads. The ones in the picture are worn out.
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    Motu M2 Review (Audio Interface)

    Not sure every designer is aware of it. Acutally I think most could not care lesse. ASR seems the only place this is noted.
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    AKG K371 Review (closed back headphone)

    I own them and found that the the cord is a major problem. It tends to rub against a shirt collar or whatever is in reach and generates very loud noise. Part of the problem is the mini xlr and zthe position of the connector. This is a major design fault of this otherwise very pleasing headphone...
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    DAC performance at very low frequency (1-20 Hz)

    Nobody will design an audio dac that is optimized for frequencies below 20 Hz, because there is close to no market for this. So if this important to you, just roll your own. You might start a kickstarter project.
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    MartinLogan Motion 4i Review (bookshelf speaker)

    I had the pleasure to own a pair of these for five years or so. Plus a pair of cls2, which were a little bass shy but great speakers once liftet 15 inches above ground. Great speakers both. But the company has been sold since then.
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    Focal Clear Review (headphone)

    Public service announcement: Please leave listing at these levels to qualified machines. It will impair your hearing within minutes.
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    Focal Clear Review (headphone)

    I am indeed. Except my first Elex was broken, and the replacement had to go through drop. Insane shipping cost, double import tax and customs duty (about 20 percent). So lucky I not always am.
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    Focal Clear Review (headphone)

    My firsthand experience was different. Received two pads identical to those on my headphone. What can I say.
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    Focal Clear Review (headphone)

    Glad to be not almost everyone. Ordered a pair and received two in perfect condition. Did not have to wait that long. Largest delay was customs clearance in Germany.
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    Focal Clear Review (headphone)

    I believe Fletcher Munson did their research beginning in the 30ies of the last century. ISO 226 is current science. I gave up using the loudness function of my stereo about 45 years ago and listend "flat" from then on. What I mean to say is, that if you start to EQ you must go all the way...
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    Focal Clear Review (headphone)

    Hm. Once you start correcting for equal loudness it gets really complicated. These are the equal loudness contours as stated in ISO 226:2003. Please note that you need to boost a 20 Hz tone by almost 35 dB to make is appear to be as loud as a 1000 Hz tone playing at 80 dBA. Not sure if there is...
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