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    Is there any technics sb-c700 to measure?

    Amir has them in the queue.
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    How many subs are you using and how big are they?

    Two 10 inch JBL in the listening room. Two 12 inch Infinity in the tv room. One 10 inch JBL in the bedroom.
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    Compression drivers?

    I'm sure the compression driver in the JBL Studio 530 accounts for much of its appeal . At a ridiculously low on sale price.
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    Review and Measurements of Paradigm PW-Link Streamer/DAC

    I have both Paradigm and ML units and ARC works equally well on both.
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    Tom's hardware tells the truth

    I think they could have been a lot more straightforward than dodging with "we'd wait to hear more opinions before we declare that Synergistic Research has hit a bulls-eye. "
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    Free classical app for Spotify users

    Thank you, looking good
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    Good Preamp DAC Streamer with network volume control

    If you use mostly Spotify , I'm a fan of the value proposition if the Paradigm PW Link and Martin Logan sibling. Spotify Connect AND Anthem Room Correction for under $200. Optical and analog input and output to hook up phono pre or Chromecast and output to quality DAC.
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    JBL Stage A130 Review (speaker)

    "It is suggested" perhaps but I'd rather listen to my 530s than my Stages (170 in my case) which are currently being used as speaker stands for the older speakers :-) .
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    Are you using a subwoofer/subwoofers?

    2 JBL subs in the listening room w Technics c700 2 Infinity subs in the TV room with Infinity R263 1 JBL sub in the bedroom with JBL 530. All high passed and Anthem room correction applied.
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    JBL Studio 530 Speaker Review

    Picked up a 550P sub ($199) to use with the 530 and integrates beautifully (in the bedroom system). $450 for a pair of 530s and sub is just ludicrous value.
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    Audiolab 6000A Play vs Bluesound Power Node Gen 3

    Darko discusses the 6000A with Lavorgna on his podcast and trashes the Play-Fi implementation...but he might be wrong about one thing. I know on my Play-Fi devices I have the option to transfer Qobuz playback from phone to the device, whereas Darko suggests that's not a thing with the Audiolab...
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    "The 10 best audiophile bars around the world"

    In years past there were a half dozen audiophile cafes and bars in Saigon but I don't think many have survived Covid. It also had my favorite jazz and classical CD shop on the planet but if course it's long gone.
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