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    Great Album Covers

    Dalis car . . . .
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    DISCO it were fun fun fun

    An awful of lot of music here that isn't disco . . . . . A hint of the real thing, conks out after an hour for some reason
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    FS: MiniDSP SHD for sale

    For sale my MiniDSP SHD. Immaculate and unmarked, like new, (18 months old) in original packaging with accessories. I've sidegraded to a MinidDSP Studio (as I wanted AES/EBU output) and did not need analogue. Note UMIK mic is not included - I'm still using this with my Studio! Happy to post...
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    Genelec 8361A Review (Powered Monitor)

    I'm streaming using a MiniDSP Studio (from either a local Synology NAS or Qobuz) Connected via AES/EBU Doug
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    drinking destiller water

    They might love it, but it's full of sugar and thus terrible for their teeth. Also, containing milk, it's a source of lactose - not good for cats! Little bits of chicken are a better treat
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    Wow! Genelec GRADE looks amazingly useful

    Now included in GLM 4.2 (released today) Genelec GRADE looks impressive. Video here Doug
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    Genelec 8361A Review (Powered Monitor)

    Hi there The stands were custom made by Custom Design. Rather frustratingly they managed to get the colour slightly wrong, but they do work well. Yes, my delays were all in manufacturing with Genelec - didn't know it was to do with aluminium.
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    Genelec 8361A Review (Powered Monitor)

    Thank you. To be honest I might not use DIRAC as well. I could be wrong, but I understand that DIRAC is more sophisticated than GLM (managing phase etc). I will try it out and look at the results in REW and how it sounds to my ears. GLM is delightfully simple to use however
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    Genelec 8361A Review (Powered Monitor)

    Well, it's been a 5 month wait, but my 8361's finally arrived today: Just plonked down and given a quick going over with GLM and sounding incredible. Going to spend more time with positioning, REW and DIRAC, but for now very happy. Have also to give a big shout to Richard and Mark at...
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    Will Smith assaults Chris Rock LIVE at the Oscars

    Wise words. Violence is an absolute last resort. To instigate it is never the right choice.
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    Will Smith assaults Chris Rock LIVE at the Oscars

    And the message that their actions get no response, their insult is worthless; they are not important
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    Will Smith assaults Chris Rock LIVE at the Oscars

    My partner and I would both think them an idiot and not worth our attention. MUCH more important stuff to worry about in life than what other people think.
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    Will Smith assaults Chris Rock LIVE at the Oscars

    What about how your partner might want to react (or not)? Or is it all about you? Good grief, an insult is just words. Are you so easily manipulated?
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