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    The best way to bring audio enthusiasts from the dark side and see the light?

    I suppose if you put a modern flyweight amp into a chassis machined from something heavy it might be convincing. Many of us came of age pursuing audio gear with beefy transformers. Weight was a proxy for build quality. FWIW - I was on the fence until my JBL 708p arrived, in all their Class D...
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    How Mayht, a small startup, is taking on the world of speaker goliaths. Interesting new design for Speaker mechanics.

    I'm having a rudimentary concept problem: each membrane is driven from two "corners" in the array? How does this avoid bell modes? I would be very curious to see efficiency figures.
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    Best way to construct crossover with tiny/short leads

    What little I know came from building Troels Gravesen's designs. Note that crossover boards need not be all on one "plate" as the signal feed wires, or serial connections can be used to span more than one backing plate. It has been my habit to install crossovers first and leave the driver...
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    How is THIS for a baffle wall?!

    What's the seating distance from the screen (which would be in front of the array)? This looks like a fairly standard movie theater layout.
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    Classic cameras

    Never warmed up to my F2, I always preferred something smaller. The Leica M3 was my "everyday carry" in the 1980's. Paired with the Summicron 35mm f2 (what I could afford) it was excellent.
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    Speakers too big

    What are they like, if they are aligned to cross in front of you?
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    Best Movie Music Composer

    Elmer Bernstein gets my vote.
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    Speakers that produce astonishing soundstaging/imaging?

    I had a set of Definitive technology floorstanders that were bipoles. My dumpster salvage MMG were better. (Corrected Bipoles)
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    Speakers that produce astonishing soundstaging/imaging?

    A dipole radiates equal amounts of sound pressure to the front and back of a listening space, regardless of enclosure design. This limits sidewall interactions and can create a secondary wavefront. If positioned correctly in a room, this can offer an audible signal that emulates the way live...
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    Speakers that produce astonishing soundstaging/imaging?

    Certainly this bears further examination, under the standards accepted here at ASR. Your attitude, however is a bit "Dutch" for my taste.
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    Power amp for Klipschorn

    The 405 is a dated design. I would not recommend the original, let alone a copy.
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    Power amp for Klipschorn

    The Klipsch design requires little power but is very sensitive to noise. I have fond memories of the Unison line, which was solid and quiet. If available second hand, the...
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    Power amp for Klipschorn

    Where are you on the planet, Giuseppe?
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