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    Uncoloured phono cartridges

    Thanks, I've just placed my order for that LP. I don't expect to be dealing with a wide variety of thicknesses: Unlikely I'll encounter Soundsheets anymore, and unless there's something really special about the way it's packaged, I don't see myself buying premium-priced vinyl if there's a good...
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    Uncoloured phono cartridges

    So far in my casual search for a cart (MM or MC) with nude-mounted, line contact sylus, the lowest-cost options that I've found so far seem to be: Audio Technica VM540ML @ 249 USD Audio Technica VM740ML @ 329 USD Ortofon 2M Bronze @ 440 USD Are there any others that I may have missed? I was...
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    Thread closures and controversy versus reality. Spoiler [Fact on the ropes]

    Somewhat off-topic, I found the Netflix documentary "The Social Dilemma" most interesting, as it suggests that the very sorts of techniques used by social media companies to keep users engaged may be a major cause of the fake news phenomenon, by feeding users a stream of media judged likely to...
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    Uncoloured phono cartridges

    Normal people got rid of their turntables in the 1980s.
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    Headphone Upgrade Path: Electrostatic vs Dynamic vs Planar

    Sometimes, one of the harder things to do in the audio hobby is to spend only what's required, even though your budget allows for much, much more. I used to own Stax electrostatics (worked at a Stax dealer part time in college). Today I own planar dynamics (Fostex) and an older version of...
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    Some Names for Speakers

    金のうんこ ("Golden Poo")
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    PS Audio Stellar M1200: tube + class D amplifier

    Nothing particularly interesting to learn here, I think.
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    Vintage Speakers Worth Owning Today?

    Never got to hear them but would be intrigued by designs aimed at less-directional sound like those of Sonab and Shahinian.
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    Best low budget 8 "subwoofer

    This one interests me: Class D amplifier with DSP, XLR/TRS input, XLR output and compact size:
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    FM & AM Radio Tuner

    For what it's worth, the HDradio format has been reverse-engineered, and so long as you have the proper codec installed on your computer, there's no reason why you couldn't use a software defined radio here too: You can certainly see the digital channels on the sidebands of the main broadcast...
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    Uncoloured phono cartridges

    Interesting, wonder if it could have deteriorated with age?
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    Uncoloured phono cartridges

    "Back in the day", I wish I had tried Micro Acoustics's piezo cartridges as they would seem to solve a lot of problems regarding cartridge loading: And they could be had for a good deal less money than Sao Win's strain gauge cartridge. A word to the...
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    Has the headphone stuff (headfi) becoming ridiculously expensive?

    Only if it sounds more real than reality itself.
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    Has the headphone stuff (headfi) becoming ridiculously expensive?

    No, no one on ASR as behaved like a butt-head to me, at least no one that matters!
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    Uncoloured phono cartridges

    Thanks for the warning; I've sent an inquiry directly to Dr. Feickert.
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