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    Apple Music Atmos to an AVR, but no Apple TV, how?

    Other than an Apple TV, how do you play Apple Music Atmos/Spatial Audio music to an AVR*, which has HDMI ports? There must be some kind of second option. *Yamaha TSR-700 7.2 Channel AV Receiver with Dolby Atmos DTS - the USB port on it is still, sadly, only for thumb drives!
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    Hidizs S9 Review (Headphone Adapter)

    I am thinking of repurposing an S9 v.1 to be a DAC for my older car. Just 3.5 mm to head unit. I could place it in the glove compartment. The 3.5 comes into there from head unit (was an add on board in back of it). Then USB adaptor to a USB to Lightning line out side of compartment door to my...
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    Review and Measurements of Amazon Link Amp

    I got one on sale late 2021 holidays. I have to say, it is going back. Just too harsh. Even running my normally quite warm and smooth AKM DAC to analog. Harsh. The internal Cirrus Logic DAC is warmer but also duller. If it was all I had or heard in DACs, it would be great! But, amps and DACs can...
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    Yamaha RX-V6A 7.2 channel 4K / 8K Dolby AV Receiver Review

    I wonder if firmware updates fixed some of these issues. It sounds really great! Yamaha tier 2 tech said plain front is style direction they are headed to move all controls to app. The cheaper feel volume control is along same line. Most people don’t use it. The smaller blue screen was also...
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    Best process of transition from one AVR to another

    It went easy for settings and wires. Except for the pain in my old body! I took pictures of both for reference. After I finally figured out where the hidden connect capacitance button was, I got the MusicCast app up and running fairly quickly. Sounds great. I think my AKM external DAC is better...
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    Review and Measurements of Amazon Link Amp

    My first impressions is harsh, brutalist architecture like sound, some distortion. :( But, this is something I experienced with (some) speakers, until they are broken in (exception: Polk sounds like that no matter what). Anyhow: what is the break in time for this amp?
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    Review and Measurements of Amazon Link Amp

    @amirm All things considered, what would be some good “small home office” bookshelf speakers to go with the Link Amp? Obviously, not too expensive or too cheap but a good match for its performance range. The office is size of a small kids rectangular bedroom. Two big sash windows. Bifold closet...
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    How your majority smart home device mix dictates a lot

    Like many, I started out with Alexa compatible devices, like smart plugs, a few years ago. I tried to get devices that were Alexa and Apple Home compatible. Ultimately thinking: I would go all Apple anyway, as they got their shite together in the end. This worked well. Until I began the change...
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    Best process of transition from one AVR to another

    I am moving from a Yamaha HTR-4065 to the TSR-700. I would appreciate any advice on best way to do this. Should I write down all my old settings? Do I need to do anything else or be aware of any Yamaha-mish changes or terminology changes? (The 4065 will go to a bedroom setup. The 4065 uses the...
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    Developments in chip technology

    A horse is fine. Sail boats are fine. Flying like the birds? Insanity I say! :facepalm: This kind of advancement in processing technology and subsequent competition might (will almost for sure) lead to other advances that, only those with crystal balls can see. :)
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    Developments in chip technology

    This is simply a post here to an article about an interesting take on IC technology. What is interesting is how it might impact AV indirectly.
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    Apple Music vs Tidal

    I should mention, again, that using the macOS Airfoil app seems to overcome all these conversions and allows you to play Lossless or FLAC to multiple Airplay 1 and Airplay 2 devices simultaneously from a Mac. (There is a Windows version too but I know nothing about it or what it can or cannot...
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    Apple Music Lossless + Apple TV 4K + Airplay + Airport Express (version 1)

    Using Airfoil app seems to overcome all these conversions and allows you to play Lossless to multiple Airplay 1 and Airplay 2 devices from a Mac.
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    Apple Music vs Tidal

    Yes, of course. I never mentioned Tidal and Tidal does not play ALAC (aka Lossless in Apple parlance) but only FLAC. Playback on macOS, just like in Windows, is dependent on the system and in macOS that is the Audio MIDI Setup application, not Apple Music (except being sure you set your prefs...
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