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    Best DACs of 2018

    :) Turing Test - give the DACs a significant hurdle. :) iridium.
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    Best Tools for Hobby and Work

    Hello canoosa, You might mention something in your statement: The fix is simple: tighten to ~ 144 in-lb (I wouldn't go over 150 in-lb.....). Most people in the USA think in foot pounds, and therefore would not notice the inch pounds. I have seen quite a few things destroyed when people pull...
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    Major issues with Tesla Model 3

    "Model X, while in Autopilot mode, sped up to 71 mph in the seconds leading up to the crash." Fatal, burnt These autopilots need to learn how to spin-out the car to scrub off...
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    Citigroup Faces Criminal Charges in Australia: 3x Felon JPMorgan Is Said to be Cooperating

    Many years ago in the fairy tale [or is it fraudulent tale] land of USA, Bank of America bought many people's houses for $350 = a low price dac = an expensive dinner. The largest mortgage lender, Countrywide, held $2 TRillion of mortgages, and the market collapsed. USA government [greasy...
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    Major issues with Tesla Model 3

    Tesla Model 3 Teardown Reveals It’s Relatively Cheap To Produce Now, a German firm that specializes in vehicle teardowns has put a number out there. In fact, it was revealed that the materials and logistics involved in building the Model 3 add up to about $18,000. Labor costs were determined to...
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    Minimum orders = need less than 100, but minimum order is 1000 at an excellent price from supplier. Therefore, use up the excess on shipping other items.
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    After tens of thousands of pre-orders, 3D audio headphones startup Ossic disappears

    "A group of over 1,200 Facebook users have joined a recently-created page threatening a class action lawsuit against the team." They better have a ton of money to pay the lawyers; lawyers do not go after dry holes on a percentage [contingency] basis. Close to a perfect scam; nearly $6 million...
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    Best movie of the decade

    Brilliant, insightful, etc.: Best movie of the decade. iridium.
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    Speakers Playing "Big" when needed...

    I prefer Big & Beautiful TONE = 12" paper cones [or horns] over any cone that is aluminum, kevlar, titanium, etc. [beryllium driver in a horn is Excellent]. iridium.
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    Post a picture, a photograph, a drawing, a screenshot, words.

    After you "bumped into these two", did they block your car's cooling system; or did the wheel well tenderizers need a wash-down? iridium.
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    Female Vocals: Stunning Recordings You Love

    Great voice; might take me a decade to be able to pronounce her full name. iridium.
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    Which horn sounds better?

    People who use their electronic devices while driving should have these permanently attached to their skull. iridium.
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    Big Horn Speakers, Big Bass, All that Big Band Jazz ...

    I like the beginning where he is doing the routine maintenance. If anyone has a spare, and they want to dump-it; I have the place. iridium.
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    Short RCA Interconnects

    Just like World of Outlaws Sprint Cars iridium.
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    Short RCA Interconnects

    U-Turn: if these interconnects are making a U-Turn you need some length so as not to stress the connections of the cables and components. Stress = Breakage/Failure. iridium.
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