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    Volume through walls of speakers with rear bass drivers

    You could go dipole bass. The advantages are 1) you could use the side nulls to reduce bass going to neighbors 2) The lack of room pressurization can also result in less bass leaving your apartment. Neutral: transmission modes through the floor, etc. still need to be addressed. Negative: You...
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    The Case For AVRs... Am I missing something???

    You are right. It means the AVR needs ~9dB more efficient speakers. Edit: About 6dB more efficency needed for stereo, assuming a Denon 4700 and 4 ohm speakers. For multi-channel or Auro 3D you could have more speakers to help acheive 105dB in-room. It gets complicated because the power per...
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    Fixing Technics speakers - some questions

    Here's a cut-and-paste from an older post that gives a starting point for DIY: A beginner's guide: Loudspeaker Design ver2.pdf Unibox is good for sealed and ported box calculations: This...
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    Fixing Technics speakers - some questions

    Best thing to do is either your option 2 above or find an appropriate, well-designed kit to use in your roughly 1.7 cubic foot box with a new front panel. Just replacing drivers will not be as good. It's hard to compete with these when they go on sale...
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    Fixing Technics speakers - some questions

    More than you want to spend, but will give you an idea. Very well documented. You would need to recalculate the port for your box size; we can do that here. Front panel dimensions are close enough that the crossover will still work. (The mid-frequencies get reinforced by the cabinet until the...
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    Fixing Technics speakers - some questions

    Choice #2, unless you want to do it for fun and the learning experience. This is not one of Technics' best. If you're interested in taking on the project, post the dimensions of the cabinet and drivers and we'll see if there is something relatively easy to do. Also let us know what your budget...
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    Small Subwoofer Drivers in Tower Speaker

    Anyone know of a US distributor for SICA?
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    Tesla Model 3 Gets Good Reivew

    You could always try Tesla's discount purchase plan. Additional discounts for repeat customers:
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    DIY Cinder Block Speaker

    Sorry about that. I am not aware of any beginner-level calculator for a dual tuned bass reflex. Perhaps someone else can chime in if they know of one. Unibox is good but as far as I know won't do a dual bass reflex: This page has a lot of...
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    DIY Cinder Block Speaker

    OK, so this is a double tuned reflex. Vituixcad, and probably other loudspeaker design software, can calculate the enclosure. I would not use a random slot in the back panel - it needs to be tuned! See:
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    DIY Cinder Block Speaker

    A cinder block speaker is a great idea, thanks for passing it on. But how the heck does that example work? The woofer is in the lower volume and the port is in the upper volume, with no apparent path from one to the other. Am I missing something?
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    Which type of tweeter is the best, and why are there so many types of them?

    Back in the day, I used that JVC quite a bit as a cheaper alternative to the Panasonic EAS-TH400. The Panasonic was better; wish I could still get them. Here's a picture (not my ad):
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    What is the appeal of open baffle?

    Dipoles in room. Not hand-wavey: This is from a valuable site (thank you to Dave Ralph for preserving it)...
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    What budget speakers you like to see reviewed?

    Looks like a 1970's design. Dual, widely spaced 3" cone tweeters? Pretty much guaranteed to have terrible comb filtering. IMO, not worth 1/10 the asking price.
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    Dan Clark Stealth Review (State of the Art Headphone)

    Dan Clark's planar drivers were developed with Bruce Thigpen of Eminent Technology. (Eminent Technology also makes speakers. Hint!)
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