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    Good German Hifi ?!

    James Larson over at audioholics took a look, a listen, and measurements of the evergreen Heco Aurora 1000. Results are actually quite good. Here in Europe these can be found for around 1200€ a pair (tax included, obviously :)).
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    SOLD!!!: Stax L300 Limited & SRM-353xbk

    Sorry, I forgot I still had this post up. I sold them shortly after. If any of the mods would be so kind to remove this post, I'll be very grateful.
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    Good German Hifi ?!

    For the past couple of weeks I've been looking at different tests on all sorts of European brands, with the intention of finding some great performers and some potential deals on the used market - and Nubert did stand out. Mind you, I haven't listened to any of their offerings yet, but with all...
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    Which speaker would you like to be reviewed? (community interest thread)

    Since we now have a Spinorama of the KH420, it would be fun to see how the other end of the price spectrum performs :p This one might also be the closest competitor to the Kali IN-8 v2 in that price range.
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    The "other" German Speaker Manufacturers (Canton, Magnat, Heco, Quadral, ...) - Where do they stand?

    I agree that - ideally - that distortion rise in the 3khz region shouldn't be there, but let's look at it from a more practical standpoint: in the stereoplay measurements the distortion peak was measured at 100db. In the region where our hearing is most sensitive, that is loud. Do you believe...
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    New in-ear Headphones TWS 1 from Axel Grell

    Why is it standard practice to align the graphs at a certain frequency? Wouldn't it make more sense to align them in a way it matches the target the most? The way they are aligned now makes it look like the TWS1 is extremely V-shaped,
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    JBL HDI-3800 Floorstanding Speaker Review

    The newly announced Studio 6xx Line uses a similar looking waveguide. The Studio 698 looks like a budget HDI-3800, maybe they even perform similarly :)
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    Good German Hifi ?!

    I started a similar thread a while ago, where I wanted to know about more about the lesser known German brands. Some discussion can be found here :)
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    Hegel H95 Review (Streaming Amplifier)

    Let me preface my question by saying I would not buy this product at 2000€, due to lack of features I would appreciate in such a product, namely higher output power, crossover settings for subwoofer outputs, some sort of room "correction" feature, and maybe pre outs. For 2000€ I would also...
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    (Europe) Master Deals Thread on Audio Product Sales has some Black Week Deals going on, with discounts on the Monolith Subwoofer series, among other products. Might be worth checking out.
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    Erin posted the Emotiva Airmotiv T2+ tower speaker review

    I kinda dig it. They look like speakers for the muscle car enthusiast (which, ironically, I am not :D)
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    Erin posted the Emotiva Airmotiv T2+ tower speaker review

    Where did you find them for 1750$? They can be found for ~1250$ here.
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    Erin posted the Emotiva Airmotiv T2+ tower speaker review

    Maybe it's the 12 year old in me talking, but I sort of love the mean and edgy look on these haha The previous generation looked even meaner, with these edges in their front: Thank you @hardisj for reviewing these! For 1000USD these have to be the way to go for someone who wants high output...
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    Wharfedale EVO 4.1 Review (Speaker)

    Kinda dissapointing results, I was expecting more based on the excellent results of previously measured wharfedales. The Evo 4.1 seem like the odd duck out in the Evo line, being a small 2-way. The Evo 4.2 looks to me like a more attractive option, being a 3-way for only a small increase in...
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    The "other" German Speaker Manufacturers (Canton, Magnat, Heco, Quadral, ...) - Where do they stand?

    I would be surprised if there are a lot of differences between these models. They still follow the overall same principle, the waveguide doesn't seem to have changed at all, the drivers only a little bit. Even going back almost 12 years, the Vento 890 DC holds up fairly well, albeit with early...
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