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    Creative SXFI AMP Review (headphone adapter)

    Is it the one? USB c to Lightning Cable,TXTECH usb C to Lightning[MFi Certified]PD Fast Charge Cord data sync Nylon Cable for iPhone 11 pro max/XS max/XR/X/8Plus/iPad and Other usb C to lightning Devices-Grey 0.5m
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    Creative SXFI AMP Review (headphone adapter)

    I wasn’t asking about cable because of any that reason, was just asking because I am looking for one that works. I somehow like multichannel thing it does from sxfi on. For stereo, it’s like my previous S9 pro (without sxfi) with slightly less volume.
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    Creative SXFI AMP Review (headphone adapter)

    Try sxfi with 5.1 movies/tv shows. Which cable are you using to connect to iphone?
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    Buckeye Amps: Purifi Mono, 2ch, and 3ch Official Thread

    Do you have dimensions of the final product?
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    Creative SXFI AMP Review (headphone adapter)

    Not so much, but I do play Cricket 19 (Ashes) with sxfi ON and really like overall effects. Haven’t played any FPS.
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    Topping DX5 Review (DAC & HP Amp)

    I am sure many would like to see measurement comparison, however I would doubt if any improvement could be of any real use. DX5 already have almost everything, and we know Mojo 2 does not have balanced out, display, remote, MQA, etc.
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    Dongle DACs for main audio system?

    You can go to review index > Electronics, select dac dongle and/or headphone amp dongle, recommendation YES. You can then go though the list and find the one as per your needs.
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    Qudelix 5K or Hidizs S9 Pro for iPhone/Mac?

    I am sure S9 Pro gets many many votes, if it matches your requirements then think nothing else. I did buy S9 pro which I was using with AKG K371, and believe me you it was nothing less than amazing. I then bought Creative Labs SXFI Amp (got good ASR rating as simple dac dongle) basically to try...
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    Shield TV USB audio for DAC use

    Don't think it has, there is only digital out.
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    Qudelix 5K or Hidizs S9 Pro for iPhone/Mac?

    Qudelix 5K - 500 mA internal battery, 10-band PEQ, 24 bit/96 KHz Hidizs s9 - no internal battery, no PEW, 32 bit/768 KHz If not worries about consuming phone battery and equalisation then should be easy choice - Hidizs s9.
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    Creative SXFI AMP Review (headphone adapter)

    I have recently got this one, just to see if the multichannel thing is any fun and it actually is lots of fun (for me at least). I don't think I am going back to my Hidizs S9 pro if I am watching movies on headphone. It may not be as huge as Creative claim, but surely feels like you are in room...
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    Hidizs s9 Pro internals

    Don't know if you could get anything useful out of it, but a teardown has been posted by Kevbaz:
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    Topping PA5 Review (Amplifier)

    What speakers are those?
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    R2R DACs .. Comeback?

    Did you get your Cayin RU6?
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