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    Surprise findings on Ethernet cables/cleaners/reclockers

    Anyone honestly believing that certain Ethernet cables, audiophile grade switches, Ethernet reclockers, and so on, can make an improvement either doesn't have a clue how TCP/IP and Ethernet work or started out with faulty kit.
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    Any motorcyclists on this forum?

    You are right, the handling felt like the frames were made out of rubber - huge fun in a straight line though. My favourite bikes were the Triumph triples though, the Tiger was great for eating the miles, and the Speed Triple was a great hooligan tool (even though one did give me permanent limp...
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    Don't buy Photoshop, (or any downloadable software), from Dell

    I wouldn't buy anything from Dell. Full stop. On a deployment of 2000 laptops, around 20% of them came in with at least one fault. on another site I got four months work supervising the replacement of hard disks on 1500 desktops.
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    Most ridiculous speaker design ever?

    Do PA systems count - Grateful Dead's "Wall of Sound"
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    Coffee - do you and how do you consume it?

    Old Brown Java, a dark oily roast - none of those pale wimpy roasts for me. I also rate Vietnamese coffee, the last time I was there (unfortunately well over two years ago now) I came back with 5kg of buttah roasted single estate Arabicas from around Dalat.
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    Why Doubt Is Essential to Science - Sci. Am.

    Doubt is the essence of science - until it has been proved, say by making a prediction that can be proved correct by experiment, a theory is just that, a theory.
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    PC to hifi connection

    Teamviewer is very insecure - only use it if you can configure your router to block it from outside.
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    Anybody Out There Who Hears a Difference Between 320 kbps MP3 and Red Book CD? What Differences Do You Hear?

    Twenty years ago, before my hearing went down the tubes - yes I could, I did some blind tests using .wav rips from CD and 320kbps VBR .mp3 rips from the same CD on the same PC and could consistently tell the difference.
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    Songs that depict real events...Now also, playlist on Spotify

    John Coltrane - Alabama, inspired by the Klu Klux Klan bombing of a Baptist church in Birmingham, Alabama in 1963.
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    Why is your equipment on the floor?

    Because that is how they have seen it on the audiophile reviews, and because it makes it makes it easier when they have to upgrade their$1k cables to $2k cables because the cheaper ones didn't actually improve anything.
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    Watches! What do y'all have on your wrists?

    Right now, an Oris Aquis. I have a talent for destroying watches - this, a TAG Heuer that gave me a good twenty years service before committing suicide by falling off my wrist at the end of a dive in the Red Sea, and a Breitling Avenger that also sees regular use, have been the only watches that...
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    Anti-War Songs

    Deep Purple - Child In Time
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    Is there a tube amp worth getting?

    I have a Tubelab SE with some ancient RCA Type 45 tubes in doing service as a headphone amplifier, with some custom made output transformers - a whole 1.5W per channel. Yes, my little Massdrop THX 789 wipes the floor with it when it comes to performance, but I still love the noises it makes...
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