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    "Dumb" Devices that are Smart, vs 'Smart Devices': How to not use power switches, half a dozen remotes, and manually change optical inputs.

    Interesting Steven, but it is not clear to me with the products you list who or what it is you are calling "assistant". That is, there must be a home hub, echo, or phone in there somewhere right?
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    Not sure how to do this: is, e.g., the Dayton Audio DTA30HP 30W Class D Mini Amplifier a viable review target

    On thing to be careful of when comparing amps using the same chip is that they are often designed to run with a wide variety of power supply voltages...and their outputs vary depending on the power supply used. The TPA3116D2 shows it is designed to use power supplies from 4.6 to 26 volts. In...
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    TV Sales Dying?

    I agree.....the state of the art in TV display technology has not advanced much recently...but why is that? There is strong evidence that the primary reason is not decisions made by manufacturers or a technological bottleneck, but rather decisions made by consumers. In 2019 the top five...
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    KIMBER KABLE: Do High-end USB Cables Make A Difference?

    Agreed, this is the big issue, and I feel much the same way. But, I am beginning to question whether my offense is an objective, rational, response to an understanding of how humans think. I am half way through a book that has shifted my views on how human logic works: Why We're Polarized...
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    Micca RB42 Bookshelf Speaker Review

    This matches my experience with them. Because the rear port provides so much of the bass content, the location has tremendous impact on the speakers sound. In general I have found sealed or front ported speakers less room dependent than designs like this. On the other hand, in the right...
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    Worst measuring loudspeaker?

    Interesting that the accompanying subjective listening review rates them as almost perfect.
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    Worst measuring loudspeaker?

    Great Topic....particularly now that Amir is testing speakers. My nominees have for the most part not been measured, but Amir could easily acquire one of them to test through Craigslist or Yard sales: 1. Any speaker from the 80s/90s that was originally sold with a "rack" or shelf system...
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    Which DIY speakers would you like to see reviewed?

    The HiVi DIY 2.2a or 3.1 have a couple of recommendations in this thread already. With their Asian heritage they would present a contrast to the others in the survey. There has been some measurement of the 3.1 already posted elsewhere, but I have not seen any on the 2.2a except those done by HiVi.
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    Which rca cable is worth for topping D30 and A30?

    They are far more flexible than the super stiff Monoprice that I have owned. They have a very flexible plastic covering...but they are star-quad with a coaxial not the most flexible I have used. However, they worked great in my D50 / Atom stack...if I put the D50 on top.
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    Which rca cable is worth for topping D30 and A30?

    Yes...not at all loose but easy enough to remove. Since they use what monster used to call "turbine" connectors, you can rotate them as you pull (clockwise I think) which loosens the clamp a bit as you pull.
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    Which rca cable is worth for topping D30 and A30?

    The arrow has to do with how the cable is internally grounded. If you point the arrow the same direction the sound goes (like pointing to the A30 from your D30) it is possible that you will get less background noise or avoid hum. There is not much science that says it makes a difference. So...
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    Which rca cable is worth for topping D30 and A30?

    I see you are new here...welcome! If you are not in the U.S. then Ghent through Aliexpress or EBay may be the best bet. NOTE: I believe that you heard a big difference when you switched to your friends cable......but Science says that what you experienced was "Expectation Bias". If you...
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    Which rca cable is worth for topping D30 and A30?

    As others have said...the cables will make absolutely no difference in sound unless you get a set that is defective. That said I agree with DKT88 below that the "World's Best Cables" brand he links to below look very nice and are cheap. I got these shorter ones (1/2 foot) because my amp and...
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    What budget speakers you like to see reviewed?

    Good suggestion. I have never heard them, but I have heard a lot of very good things about them. They have never sold that well because they lack a coherent sales story. But, in the past Sony has made some excellent speakers designed using science and I agree they undoubtably used the...
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    KIMBER KABLE: Do High-end USB Cables Make A Difference?

    Let me make sure I understand this correctly. Paying $60 for Kimber is not acceptable to most of us at ASR because its benefit is Kimber Magic. Kimber Magic makes absolutely no difference in perceivable sound. Kimble's benefit is that it makes those who believe in it subjectively enjoy...
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