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    Asimov Foundation

    Agreed. I find that I am less than eager to watch it right away on Fridays. I think I am 2 or 3 episode behind. I think it is on my priority list somewhere after "The Real Housewives of Peoria" and "Chernobyl Got Talent"
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    FX Audio DAC-SQ3 Review

    My Pi powers a Topping D10s. I am not sure what the current draw of these devices is, but the D10s works without any other power source.
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    Best way to clean earwax?

    Thanks for not posting a photo, I almost puked just reading this.
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    apparently we and certain audiophile reviewers (NRD) are listening to completely different things when we review DACs

    I find his elocution stilted and pretentious. Also, his voice has no presence and his sound stage minimal and distracting.
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    Asimov Foundation

    I disagree. I think Jared Harris is perfect as Harry Seldon. Jared was fantastic as the nuclear scientist in "Chernobyl". He will make a great Hari Seldon.
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    This guy sure loves Audio Note!

    OMG. I just skipped through that. He is just displaying a marketing sheet and reading from it. His monotone voice is boring. He has no depth or sound-stage. And the sibilance is completely lacking.
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    Topping Pre90 Review (preamplifier)

    I burn in power cables. Once the power cable on my LG OLED TV was burned, the colors were more vivid, revealing and lifelike. I can actually eat the food displayed on the TV!. (Don't ask me about the toilet paper commercials.)
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    Parasound 200 Pre Review (DAC, Preamp, Phono)

    I have this preamp. I wished it had reviewed better, but c'est la vie. I use it for my office sound system, so I am not listening to it too critically.
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    TV Series Suggestion Please

    Ted Lasso The Expanse
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    test thread

    Damn! I forgot to study. :(
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    I currently have what I consider my "end game" systems. I have no plans or desires to buy more equipment. I like reading the reviews and seeing the discussions of various pieces of equipment. I think the only way I would buy any more gear is if there is some new feature or set of features that...
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    What are we listening to right now..

    I have the same setup.
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