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    Limiter / Protection for HiFI?

    Nice dog. Cairn or Norwich
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    Limiter / Protection for HiFI?
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    Speaker protection
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    Limiter / Protection for HiFI?

    That of course is a tungsten lamp whose resistance characteristics vary with their thermal history. This is why tungsten lamps always burn out in a flash when you switch them on. When they are cold their resistance is low and when they are hot it is higher. This is called a "tungsten load...
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    Ideally damped speaker cone

    Way back in the day there was an English made spikker that had sandwich cones. I think it was Leak. I listened to a two way someone was trying to sell me. It sounded pretty good for the early 70s. Had an interesting Formica finished cabinet too. Gave the overall impression of very high...
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    Limiter / Protection for HiFI?

    If the above is your use case put some inline fuse holders in series with the speakers. Start out with lower fuse values and if they pop , increment them upwards. The problem with idiot proofing stuff is you always underestimate the idiots. At my old place you had to go down to the basement to...
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    Can you sell DIY in your country? Is it legal?

    When you work on tube gear you only use one hand. and sit on a stool not touching its frame so your body isn't grounded. That way current flow will be restricted to your hand. And if you get across the terminals it will only take one time to make you be 100% careful. I have gotten lots of...
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    Why aren't electronic crossovers more popular?

    I have a Neurochrome kit awaiting assembly. For exactly that purpose. Bought from a member here.
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    The Concept Album - Vote!

    I think pretension is usually the operative word.
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    How to sell here without getting scammed? Hifiman HE400se, new in sealed label/box for sale

    I once sold (via ebay) a perfect Gossen light meter to a Dr. in California. He opened a case on me and ebay refunded his money and took it back from me. It turned out what he wanted was a flash capable meter unit about three models later than the one that I very clearly described and...
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    Why aren't electronic crossovers more popular?

    My tweeters and midranges are expensive and have become irreplaceable unobtainium. Correctly sized protection caps in series do nothing to the phase and if they did you probably couldn't hear it. Even if they were less expensive and easier to obtain and replace I would protect them...
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    Why aren't electronic crossovers more popular?

    Isn't that half the fun??:cool::rolleyes:
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    Why aren't electronic crossovers more popular?

    Capacitors AND fuses. SMALL fuses. if they pop you can upsize them. but start small. You don't want the voice coil protecting the fuse. You can oversize the capacitor a little and it will become invisible or close to it.
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    Are sound absorbers safe for our health?

    I have done a lot of microscope repairing. Scopes that had kits of gear with them back in the day often had open cell foam for padding. Because of the open cell structure the material was attacked by atmospheric oxygen. This invariably results in a big mess for someone to clean up. One of...
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    recapping amps

    I am resetting up my late seventies system and have been taking all the pieces to a young man who has assembled an excellent test bench. Since I was there last he got an audio precision unit. All my late seventies gear really acquitted itself amazingly well. Much better than I expected. Before...
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