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    When do you start feeling radio signals

    I have read (in the 1960s) that it was possible/theorized that fillings in teeth could act like the germanium diode in a crystal radio and if the individual were in an RF field it might cause a sensation or feeling of the demodulated signal. Seems unlikely but might be possible.
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    Thiele Small parameters are really only relevant for wooofers. Almost any passive loudspeaker is improved whenbi or triamped,, made active. There is so much hardware available now for almost no money that makes it very easy to do. I don't know what kind of traumatic experience bigguyca had...
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    The drums, oh the drums

    Babtunde Olatunji Drums of Passion More Drums of Passion
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    I am really confused on how Windows 10 audio works.

    You should review the threads of member "dualazmak" who is doing similar work in an extremely serious fashion. He uses Lupisoft EKIO software, and the OktoResearch DAC (eight channel version)...
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    Multi-Channel, Multi-Amplifier Audio System Using Software Crossover and Multichannel-DAC

    Both of those amps remind me of classic Japanese amps from the golden age of audio.
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    Denon X3600H powers on/off all by itself?

    I was very lucy to pick up a SchMarantz pre processor. The guy that sold it to me was frustrated with it because he was unable to get it repaired using his usual suspects. The complaint was ; turn the unit on and it runs for a random amount of time and then it turns itself off. Everything...
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    omnidirectional loudspeakers = best design available

    In the mid 1970s I worked for a large audio retailer. One night , after closing, we attended the manufacturer's rollout of the Bose 901 series two, which had a pair of ports shaped like jet afterburners to make the famously inefficient "Bosees" more efficient. There were a lot of Bose...
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    This is worth bookmarking in case CD players become rare.
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    omnidirectional loudspeakers = best design available

    He either was a troll sent by enemies of ASR, or he didn't like the response he got because his opinion was recognized as just an opinion. And a silly one at that.
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    omnidirectional loudspeakers = best design available

    This is a silly thread. Like everything in engineering there are many ways to skin a cat, and many different use cases, and one size does not fit all. I heard the Beveridges ages ago and they sounded excellent to me at the time. But I have to admit at the time I did have an expectation bias...
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    Black Fri SVS Subwoofer Sale

    Keep em and use em as a monster swarm!
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    BlieSMa T25A-6, T25B-6, T25D-6, T25S-6 - a comparison of dome materials

    Parts Express lists sapphire dome tweeters for about $60. Synthetic sapphire has been made on an industrial scale for well over one hundred years. Synthetic diamond for much less time but still several decades. In the case of sapphire it is not clear whether it is single crystal or...
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    BlieSMa T25A-6, T25B-6, T25D-6, T25S-6 - a comparison of dome materials

    the price for diamond products is unconscionable. Eventually it will be less expensive than Beryllium because they are making it to use as chip substrates. It is already very mass produced.
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    500W (4ohm) GaN Class D Modules - Starkrimson Ultra

    what is it about your module that makes it worth $700?? Sorry, I didn't read the ad for the 2X module correctly.
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    Spectrum Analyzer Recommendations

    Actually a real time analyzer and an oscilloscope would be OK for tape deck work along with a pink noise gen and a sweep oscillator. Very unlikely to stay in budget without a computer. even used...
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